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Friday, June 14, 2013

Two for One Special

Today is Finish the Sentence Friday, and I figured I'd write a post this time. The sentence this week is:

The hardest part of your day is...

Getting up on a work day. (It's actually not that difficult. Not enough to where I have to buy one of those wacko alarm clocks that you have to chase around your room in order to shut off.)

Anyway... since that's not a complete blog post, I have a two for one special today. It's also Blog Challenge day number 7:

What is your dream job, and why?

This is actually very hard for me. When I was younger I had lofty goals. After watching Free Willy I wanted to be a marine biologist. When I was in the 4th grade and learning about clouds, I wanted to be a weatherwoman. I also thought about Astronomy and zoo keeper and for a while, a vet. But then I realized I only wanted the fun, cool aspects of these jobs. There's a lot of nasty, especially when it comes to animals. I just wasn't that into it. And as I discovered I had a lack of math ability (yeah that's right, it's an ability!), those other dreams were dashed as well. I'm good at art, but not that good. And I don't want to sell the stuff I make because it's unique and I get attached to it. (I might change my tune when I learn up the Bob Ross technique.)

I WILL learn to paint like this!!

I want something that fits me like a glove. I am not a people person and am very anti-social. So I want something where I don't have to deal with anybody. But I'm also not a leader. A lot of people would say "Be CEO of a mega corporation" but I'm fine being a follower. I'm fine taking orders. And honestly, I'm fairly lazy. I work hard at my job that I'm at, and I'm good at it - make no mistake. And I am willing to learn. But to go to college to move up the corporate ladder? Nah, that's just not me. I love what I do here as medical records. It feeds my OCD-ish need of being organized and detail-oriented. But as a dream job? Meh.

Perhaps I should stick with writing. I love to write; blogs, fiction, poems etc. Am I the best at it? Hell no. But if I could make a living off of it I think it would definitely be my dream job. I love nature and the outdoors, but hey, with a dream job like writing a book, I could get up whenever I want and still go for a walk in the woods. You know... for inspiration :P now if only people liked what I wrote... o_O

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