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Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 4: List 5 things you would tell your 16 year-old self

Number One: The first thing that comes to mind is saving Josh's life. I would tell myself that in a year, you are going to meet someone very special, and you will fall in love with him. But he has health issues... and when he gets sick, make sure you get him to a hospital right away - don't hesitate, regardless of whether or not you think you can pay the damn bill.
In the past, I have questioned whether or not I would actually do this if I could, which sounds very mean and heartless. I mean, if I was given the option to go back I definitely would do this. But the question remains, I've seen how my future has turned out as a direct result of this. And besides Josh himself, I was not very happy; with my body or my job. Things would have turned out much differently had I saved his life. You just never know.

Number Two: Teach a boy a valuable lesson. Back in High School, both my friend Monica and I were teased by the popular students. But in math class one day, it went above and beyond stupid. Obviously we were both overweight, unpopular, and probably considered quite ugly among the student population. So, when a boy came up to both of us (we were sitting next to each other in class) and started "flirting" while you could hear the other students snickering in the background, we wanted nothing to do with it. We tried to ignore him, but then he swept his grubby fingers over my hand. I recoiled and told him to go away.
Besides the first one, this is one of the biggest regrets of my teenage life. I should have immediately gone to the Principal and filed harassment charges. A bit extreme? Of course. But those jackasses think they can get away with anything, and all I wanted to do was say "don't mess with us, a-holes".

Number Three: Watch Good Eats! Yeah, that show has been around since I was in the 9th grade (1999), so it was definitely on when I was 16. Back then, I abhorred cooking in all forms. And I think my weight gain beyond high school had a bit to do with my lack of cooking knowledge when I moved out. I'd tell myself (and I'm sure I'd be very hard to convince, since cooking shows were the most boring thing on the planet) that I would love this program and learn a lot from it, and it would be worth it. I often wished I would have discovered it long before 2009.

Number Four: Don't ignore your weight problem. This would be the hardest thing to convince myself to do. You become overweight, and you get made fun of constantly, and instead of getting revved up with "I gotta lose it!" you get depressed and you just don't care anymore. Especially when you're forced to exercise at school, work up a huge sweat, and not lose a pound, it gets really discouraging. And it's not just the weight you end up not caring about, but it's also your looks in general. Shopping for clothes is a chore - just get whatever fits. Make up? Why bother, you're ugly anyway. As soon as I dropped the weight (thanks to hCG; ad placement goes here!) I began to care a lot more about how the world looked at me. I still don't really wear make up because it's annoying, but I care more about what I'm wearing because it's easier to find clothes now. And I just take better care of myself in general. Had I started this process earlier in life, things might have been easier for me.

Number Five: No idea. I've been thinking on this for days, and I have nothing more to add. The problem is, had I saved Josh's life, my near future would be so drastically different that I wouldn't be able to warn myself about anything else. Watching Star Trek Into Darkness has made me realize that even though I may not believe in fate exactly, that doesn't mean things in life wouldn't somehow head along that same path in a similar way. Just because I saved Josh from his heart attack back in 2005, doesn't mean he wouldn't die from it later, or maybe something else horrible would have happened in its place. You just never know.

Day 3: What is the Greatest Amount of Physical Pain You've Ever Endured?
Day 2: List 3 Legitimate Fears
Day 1: List 10 Random Facts About Yourself

Monday, May 27, 2013

If you only had one more day with someone...

...What would you say? What would you do?

If time was running out to say all the things that you needed to say, would your brain figure it out, or would you be left empty, wishing you'd said more?

When it's you that begins the process to separate, yet you're still the one left huddled on the floor, crying, wishing things could be different, then what?

When the closest non-family member of your life finally decides he can't talk to you any more, what is left?

I started this. Why can't I finish it? Am I that much of a coward?

Why can't I be angry? After all the things he's done to me, after everything I've endured, why can't I call upon the anger to shield me from all this pain? Why do I still wish contact?

I'm afraid.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pinnacle Peak

What would possess me to want to climb such a peak? I wanted to check my fitness level. Which... is pretty much nil lol I mean, I did fine, really. And this wasn't actual mountain climbing anyway. It was an established trail head that didn't require any special equipment. But you start at 850 ft, and make your way up to 1,800 feet at the top.

I managed to convince my friend Monica to join me on this hike, who was reluctant at first. I convinced her with "you actually work out at a gym. I don't. I think you'll do better than me!" and I was right lol. The website for Pinnacle Peak stated that there was "easier access on the south side", so we parked there to start the hike. The south side was pretty lame. It was just a gravel road going up. And up. And up. My legs were fine, but my lungs were having issues. I'd blame it on the "thin mountain air" but it was actually quite humid where we were :P. We reached the "top", which wasn't really the top, but that's where all the views were.

We found a trail heading into the woods and decided "What the hell. YOLO", and followed it in. This was the good half of the trail. The "north side", as it were. We were shrouded in trees and the temperature had to have dropped 5 degrees. At least it wasn't humid anymore. We were still going up at this point. The top had no views because we were still in the trees. There was some nice benches to sit on, though. We began to walk back down the north side, knowing that we'd have to take the road back around in order to get back to my car. It was most definitely worth it, because the north side had all the amazing scenery.

That's when I really started to get tired, however. My legs, although not hurting yet, began to uncontrollably shake, like they had on my hike at Murphy Falls. The constant downward angle was beginning to take its toll, and I started to feel not as confident in my muscle's ability to hold me up.

We finally reached the bottom, and I'd never been so glad for a flat surface. I used my phone to make sure we were going the right way, and headed up the road back to my car.

Enumclaw has some very interesting plots of land. I'd never seen such a pristine and perfect section of houses with farmland. Each house had a perfectly manicured lawn, beautiful flowering bushes, plastic fences, gorgeous trees. And they had cows, and alpacas, and goats, and roosters, and even turkeys. Yeah, turkeys.

It was probably about a 2.5 mile walk back to the car, according to Google and my phone anyway. I wonder how accurate CardioTrainer is with elevations. Does it even know I climbed 1000 feet? I'm just not sure. My legs certainly knew. I am sore today, but not as bad as I thought I'd be. I'm definitely going to have to train on something a bit easier before I attempt that hike again!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 3: What is the greatest amount of physical pain you have ever endured?

This is an interesting question. I think it really depends on the person and their own personal scale of pain. I've never broken a bone or sprained one. Nor have I cut any part of me severely enough to require stitches. I've never had surgery on anything, either. Any pain I've had rarely makes me cry (as in, "holy crap I just need this to stop").

Taking all this into account, I've got two possibilities. The first one is a gallbladder attack. It's a sharp, stabbing pain under my right breast that just never lets up. Until I take a Vicodin, the pain won't ease. My first attack ever, lasted over 6 hours as I waited for treatment in an ER. Luckily, it's a fairly rare occurrence (about once every 4-5 months) and Vicodin controls it, which is why I refuse to get it taken out.

The second possibility is an IBS attack. I've had a couple of extremely severe attacks that are enough to make me sweat and feel faint. I swear my insides are being ripped apart. And then I feel so nasty and drained afterwards that I can barely function in a decent way. I used to get IBS attacks all the time. They're mostly related to certain foods and for me, definitely stress, and they can be quite painful. But there were a couple of times where I swear I was being internally damaged on some level. It was not at all pleasant!

So, those are the only things I can think of. Feel free to share your own story in the comments!

Day 2: List 3 legitimate fears and describe how they became fears
Day 1: List 10 random facts about yourself

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 2: List 3 legitimate fears and describe how they became fears

1. I have a fear of being alone. Not just in my life, but in general. Day to day. I've spent the majority of my life with someone; whether it be my parents, Josh, or Justin. Now don't get me wrong, I relish my time alone. I'm actually alone quite a lot. I sequester myself in my room and do my own thing. When Justin was at work, I'd take that time to write because I needed silence in order to concentrate. But as the days stack upon one another and I am by myself in an apartment, I start to not enjoy it as much. I was only alone for 3 months out of my entire life, and although I felt independent and free, in the background I just wanted company and someone to do things with. I feel as though I need someone to be there for me. I also can't do normal activities by myself, like seeing a movie or going to a restaurant. I'm not sure if it's because I fear that people will judge me, or I just think it would be no fun unless I had some company. Either way, this fear holds me back quite a lot.

2. I have a fear of getting Alzheimer's, and/or my mother getting Alzheimer's. My maternal Grandmother died of the disease. I watched as my Grandma forgot who people were, and when she forgot who her own daughter was, my mother, I couldn't even imagine how painful that must have been for her. I wasn't too incredibly close to my Grandma, and although it hurt that she didn't remember me, I kind of expected it and was okay with it. But I don't know what I would do if my mother forgot who I was. I am so close to both my parents that it would just be extremely hard for me to cope, I think. I also fear of getting it myself because my memory is already pretty bad... much worse than a normal 29-year-old's should be. And it's been bad for years already. Hopefully by the time I am my Grandmother's age, they'll have a cure or some kind of vaccine for it.

3. Spiders. Yeah, I touched on this subject in my last post. I don't know if I'd call this a legit fear, as I live in the one area of the US that has no poisonous creatures. Well, at least none that would kill you. We do have these nasty things called Hobo spiders though. They are related to the brown recluse and get mistaken for them all the time. They have the same kind of necrotic poison on their fangs that eats your skin and won't heal. The Hobo looks like some kind of spider that sat in radioactivity or something because they are so huge. That was my first thought the first time I ever saw one. They are easily the largest spiders we have here in western Washington. Luckily their poison isn't as potent as a brown recluse. But they're funnel web, hunting spiders, and they're damn fast. They scare the shit out of me every time I see one. I'm scared of other spiders too, but not nearly as bad as those monsters.

Day 1: List 10 random facts about yourself

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Day 1: List 10 random facts about yourself

I've decided to do the 30 day blogging challenge. Now in order not to be incredibly annoying with constant postings, I think I'll just put a link on my Facebook page,, and post once on twitter. Then I will also post links on each post to my past days.

1. I listen to a lot of Japanese music. Mostly Jpop, and JTechno/Trance. And a lot of Anime songs. Some people can't stand that they don't understand what they're listening to (I don't know Japanese, so yeah, I could be singing along to murders and rapes for all I know - but my music is super cutesy too) but come on - how many people thought the song "Bad Moon Rising" by Creedence Clearwater was singing about a "Bathroom on the right"? Don't tell me that isn't what you sang!

2. I don't have an angry or depressing music. I discovered this not long ago when I was angry and decided to find a piece of my music to fit my mood. And I couldn't find one. I do have a couple of Disturbed songs, which is a Metal band and fairly lyrically depressing, but it didn't fit my current situation. I had to settle for the Goo Goo Dolls "Hate This Place". Yeah. I feel as though music is a reflection of our souls. Some people are attracted to certain music with how they feel inside. I guess I'm just a happy person!

3. I used to be afraid of the dark for a long time, and now if there's a glow in the room at all I can't sleep. Like sucking my thumb, I went way beyond normality when it came to night lights. Luckily, my ability to not pee in my bed stopped at a reasonable age.

4. I am not scared of rats, mice, snakes, beetles, or bugs, but all spiders must die. Seriously.

5. I am both very creative and logical. Just don't give me a math question. I am detail-oriented, logistical, and slightly OCD. I also love to read, write, draw, paint etc. But if you really want to make me think, tell me to tip the waiter.

6. I get socially anxious. This is a general term that encompasses both public speaking and my wall-floweredness (don't talk to me!). I'm not claustrophobic and don't mind large crowds, but that only works if they're not all focused on me. I do not do presentations. I will shake and stutter, and my face turns bright red. I can probably only handle up to 5 people staring at me at once, and beyond that all hell will break loose.

7. I sing in the shower. Honestly, I love to belt out tunes any time of the day, especially in the car. I'm not the best singer and I know this (contestants of American Idol, take note), but I sound respectably better in the shower. Must be the acoustics. Of course, I don't sing empty-handed; I always have my music in there with me.

8. I'm a geek. World of Warcraft, Warhammer (in the past. I liked to paint the figurines), Star Trek, my interest in computers and technology, Marvel movies (screw DC), computer games, Pokemon (to a point). I'm all there. And I love it. I wouldn't have it any other way.

9. I'm still a tomboy. I grew up on a "farm" of sorts, with lots of animals. My best friend as a small child was a boy. My favorite toys were not the barbies, but the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. As I grew, I reluctantly began to adopt more feminine things. I bought my first compact when I was 22, but I rarely wear make up. I have a dress that I only wear on special occasions, no shoe heels higher than 2", and definitely no skirts. I don't spend an exorbitant amount of time getting ready in the morning; in fact, much less time than my old roommate, Karl. Hmm.

10. I am not religious. I feel I am in a minority here. I wouldn't necessarily call myself atheist (technically, I call myself a Darwinist) because I'm logical and scientific. I'm a more "I'll believe it when I see it" person, so agnostic fits me better. Although both my parents went to church as children, they stopped attending as adults, and therefore I've never even stepped in a church for religious purposes. I'm actually very uncomfortable around people who peach about their faith to me (you can believe in whatever you want, I won't judge), I just don't like listening to it. I have friends and family who are deeply religious and that is perfectly fine. I'm just not used to it, I don't understand it, and it's just not for me.

If anyone wants to participate in the 30-day challenge, I found it here on Kate's blog:

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Life of an Online Social Butterfly

Upon speaking to a perfect stranger yesterday (okay, he's not a stranger... technically), I was reminded of my teenage years whereupon I chatted continuously with a bunch of perfect strangers day-in and day-out. My close friends know me as chatty, a good listener, a decent adviceist (yeah, I made up that word!), and hopefully helpful in a time of need. My acquaintances however, know me as quiet, shy, and probably annoyed to the point of seppuku with all your small talk. I hate when strangers try to talk to me like in an elevator and whatnot. Yet I am a complete social butterfly online.

Back when I was sixteen and roaming the interwebs, I discovered a chatbox that assigned me a nickname and popped me into a room full of other random nicknames. People were typing to each other. This was interesting. I began to type too, and realized that my social bar was going up (think The Sims). Hey, this was neat. I didn't need to be a chatterbox at school if I could talk to people in the comfort of my own bedroom. I downloaded a program called mIRC, found a couple of rooms that had good people and good conversations, and for the most part had a great time. There was some drama, some crying even, but I made some good friends. I talked with people all over the world. A folk musician in Australia, a girl in New Zealand (and don't you dare tell them their accents sound the same or they will rip you a new one), and several people from all over the USA. And out of all those people, only one in my home state. I met my fiancee, Josh, there too.
After Josh and I moved in together I dropped mIRC off the map. I didn't need it anymore. After he passed away, I tried to go back. I managed a couple of times to let the people know, who had known the both of us, about his passing. But I could never stay. It never became a habit like it was before. To this day I haven't been able to re-establish how it had been. I think a lot of that has to do with the invention of Facebook and Twitter; as those IRC chatrooms are pretty empty these days.

I got a bit of social fulfillment from World of Warcraft, an MMORPG, which basically means you're playing with a bunch of other people and you have a chat window to talk to them with. And then I dug myself in deep with Facebook and Twitter. It's different than good old-fashioned chatrooms for sure, but in a lot of ways it's better, too. You don't just talk to perfect strangers anymore; you talk to perfect strangers who share a hobby or two with you! I've met a few people (and one in real life, believe it or not. Holy crap - another person in my state!) through my Facebook and Twitter love of Alton Brown.

I love chatting it up with people. Even if you never end up meeting them in real life, you get to know them and who they are and what they love. It's fun to connect to these people on such a personal level, and it's so much more freeing than talking to people in real life because I can easily share just about anything online thanks to the anonymity it brings me.

Of course my real world friends mean everything to me too, and there's something to be said for being able to hang out and do things with people out there in the world. I'm not holed up all day in my room like I used to be (I have a smartphone now, I can hole up in the living room - lol) but seriously, having a life outside of social media is important too, and there's a balance to be had, for sure!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I Go to Places Out of Spite

I'm stubborn. I'll admit it. If I feel short-changed, jipped, or otherwise left out of an experience I ought to have had, I will make sure I get that experience come hell or high water. In fact, high water is what stopped me from sharing an experience I had yesterday with my friend David.

[EDIT: Yes, I know now that "jipped" is spelled wrong. However, because 'gypped' is a derogatory slang term, I will continue to spell it wrong under principle] :P

For a couple months now, I was eagerly awaiting the melting of mountain snow to take David to this place I'd found as a kid. A place that, when I try to tell people about it, they give me strange looks or make fun of me, including my own husband. This certain place I'd found as a child had cropped up in my memory a couple of years back and I was determined to find it once again. It took me and my husband a lot of traveling to campgrounds that my parents and I had visited several years ago, in order to find it. And my husband was not very pleased at being dragged around in order to locate a stupid rock. Well, it wasn't stupid to me and that's all that mattered. I finally did find it again, and as happy as I was, I really wanted to share this adventure with someone else who would appreciate it, as my husband was not one of those people.

David loves nature and he loves to hike, and we're talking mountaineering hikes, not just little 4 mile day trips that I like to take. No one else I know seems to love the woods as much as he does, so I figured he was the perfect person to share this experience with. It wasn't an easy thing to plan, as I have no one at my job to cover for me when I take a day off, and weekends were out of the question because he works and it was very much an all day trip due to the drive. I finally was able to take this specific Monday off due to extenuating circumstances in the office, and just hoped the weather would be okay.

Turns out it wasn't the weather that I had to worry about.

This campground I wanted to go to was called Eight Mile Campground because it was eight miles from the Bavarian tourist town known as Leavenworth. It's a 3 hour drive from my location and the weather was iffy. All the different websites were giving different results: from a 10% chance at rain, to a full-on thunderstorm. We were just going to have to risk it. We arrived, and the weather was very spring-like, being indecisive between rain and sunshine. That was fine. My problem was trying to find the rock. I was having a hell of a time and I didn't know why. When my husband and I visited back in 2011 (not knowing yet if this was the place that even had the rock) I'd found it fairly easily. Now, I was walking David back and forth, up and down the river (which was running very high due to melting mountain snow) and I was getting frustrated as to why I couldn't find it. I would walk the trail I knew looked vaguely familar, stop, and stare down at the riverbank as if it looked more familiar down there - but the water was too high to go down there. Eventally, David asked if I still had the video from my last visit on the camcorder. I did, and believe it or not, he was able to triagulate the position of where the rock should be based on what was on the other side of the river and the view of the mountains. (What a skill! I'm sure glad he knows how to do this, as I'm sure it comes in handy with mountaineering.) And when we found the rock, I understood why I'd had such a difficult time.

Stupid mini river - you're not supposed to be there! 
You're blocking the way!

My rock is buried under the water *sad panda face*

The river had been running so high that the trail I would have normally taken to the rock was  buried under water. And so was my rock. So all my hopes were dashed that we would sit out there on my rock, in the middle of a raging river, and eat our lunch while we enjoyed the view. A trip, once full of purpose, had become pointless.

We ate lunch at the campground and I drove us home. The fact that we even made it home in one piece was a miracle in-and-of-itself. That possible thunderstorm I mentioned earlier? It was coming. And I was driving on a mountain pass with it barreling down on us. The torrential downpour was scary enough, but my tires were not being cooperative. I felt as though I was being pushed around by wind, even though it actually wasn't that windy. The car felt mostly out of my control a lot of the time, but we made it out alive. And the clincher? Because it was a Monday, we got stuck in afternoon rush hour on our way back. *sigh*. It just wasn't the trip I had hoped for.

I mean, it wasn't all for naught. I got to spend some quality time with my friend, and we were able to explore the area a bit, which was nice. I guess I'm just saddened by the fact that he didn't get to see what I had, and now never would. I wanted to get that sense from somebody that I wasn't crazy - that this place of my childhood was worth going to and experiencing.

Can I get a redo?

PS - Other places still to re-visit out of spite:

Hurricane Ridge
Alcatraz (tickets sold out)
Mt. St. Helens
Chopstix (for the dueling pianos)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Go outside? But it's like... 80 out there!

Time for another Finish the Sentence Friday! This week we have:

This summer, I plan to...

For once in my life I actually have summer plans. Wow, who knew I could do that? It kind of hinges on friendship support, though. Since I don't do things alone (and lets be honest here, would it be any fun by yourself?)  I need to drag a friend or two along on my crazy trips!

1. Hiking

There are a few places I want to go this summer, and one of them I'm doing this Monday! I won't go into detail about this specific rock a friend and I found when we went camping with my parents one weekend when I was about 15, but sufice it to say, it's a damn cool rock. Shaped like a L for perfect lounging, right in touch with a raging river and the best view of some dead mountains (This is eastern WA we're talking about, here).

View from da rock

Another place is called Ohanapecosh (being Washington, a lot of things are named from or by the Native Americans. You should check out a list of our cities. Humptulips I think is my favorite). There's a nice hiking trail there that leads to a beautiful waterfall. And the water there is gorgeous!

It's also been a while since I've been to the Hoh Rainforest (yet another awesome name), and want to go back there as well.

EDIT: How could I not mention High Rock?! That is the one place on this list I haven't been to already! Apparently, the views are spectacular.

2. Swimming

I miss swimming. I don't do it nearly often enough because summer doesn't last very long around here. And unlike my blogger friend Kate Hall, whose blog describes the exact opposite, I muchly prefer to swim in a lake as opposed to a pool for the exact opposite reasons! Pools are boring and full of chorline and people and children (yes, children aren't people) :P , might as well just swim some damn laps. That's all a pool is good for. No, I want the mucky water. The seaweed. The lily pads. I don't freak out if I see a little fish. And how can you beat having the warm sun on your face, and the nice cool breeze and the fresh air?! Of course it would be nice to actually swim in water that you could see in, as I do have goggles. But sometimes, you have to sacrifice clear water for a little privacy. There's a lake not far from my parent's place that I used to swim in as a kid. It's privately owned by a couple houses in the area (that you can't even see from the lake), so you have to park and walk. There are no toys or bathrooms. Just a couple of landings to get into the water, and the rest of it is surrounded by trees. Not many people (especially kids) come here because it is not a park. No bouys, no life guards. It's perfect. Every time I come, I swim to the other side of the lake and pick a lily. They're usually full of little black bugs, but they smell great lol.

I just read that these are an non-native, invasive species. Go figure.
And for some reason, I remember these as looking more like
large tulips. But I couldn't find a picture of one of those.

I do have to buy another swimsuit, as I keep losing weight and the ones I have are monterously too big now (QQ moar, Amy), and I also have to fish my swimming gear (yeah, I have "gear"! Don't judge me :P ) out of storage. I tread water so bad that I require fins. And who doesn't want to pretend to be a dolphin sometimes?! (I know I do!). Hopefully I can get to it - I think I threw it all back behind my grill and would require some serious moving of furniture to get out. Sigh. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Move On

Shell of a person
lone in the wild
Who cares for you now?
Slipping away
the darkness is calling
Who is there for you now?
Take away the pain
hold yourself close
Because no one is there now.
Life is so meaningless
careless and cold
Always alone now.

Your dependancy on people
isolates you.
Your need for acceptance
destroys you.
Your caring for others
tortures you.

Can you rid yourself of
this feeling?
Can you progress from
your pain?
Can you accept
the inevitable?

Move on

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Everyone Can Use a Good Quote

I discovered another blog hop that I immediately identified with. Unlike my last post where I had to think very hard on what I would have on a deserted island, when tasked with a favorite quote, I came up with three instantly. Two of them are from my favorite book series of all time, The Sword of Truth.

The first one is the Wizard's third rule: Passion rules reason, for better or worse 

I've seen and experienced this quote first hand. My estranged husband, who I am no longer living with and has our cat, Sammy, fell for this. He and I are on decent terms right now while I'm deciding if I want to move forward with a divorce, and I was missing our cat terribly. One day, he told me he had a surprise for me, and met me in a parking lot. Suddenly, out comes a cat carrier, along with kitty supplies. I was shocked. I was happy to see my kitty (whom I rescued back in 2008), but also concerned when he told me that I could have him over the weekend, like some child custody thing. Anybody that is a cat person like me (And maybe watches My Cat from Hell. I love that show), knows that cats do not get along well with change, and Sammy would be incredibly stressed at this new environment. I would also have to keep him locked in my room, as my family owns two other cats and a dog that would likely chomp his head off if Sammy ever attacked him. I should have said no, and wished I would have, but Sammy had already come this far and I really missed him. So, we both fell for it. Justin was trying to make me happy by allowing me to spend some quality time with my cat, but in the process didn't think about how much it would stress Sammy out to be away from home. He ended up being okay - I only kept him for two of the three nights and promptly had Justin pick him up again. But I felt bad for doing that to my sweetie. It wasn't worth it in the end.

He's my silly Sammy!

The second quote is the Wizard's second rule: The greatest harm can result from the best intentions

Very similar to the other quote and also goes well with the situation above. I have also personally done this a few times. In an effort to be helpful, you end up doing more harm than good to either yourself or others. There are certain people that I care for deeply that are not my family, and sometimes that caring nature can be interpreted as pushy, clingy, or just weird. And in an effort to be helpful, you realize that you're pushing that person away instead. It's a thin line that's hard not to cross sometimes.

The third quote is, I think, by far my favorite humorous quote: I reject your reality and substitute my own!

If you've ever seen Mythbusters and know of Adam Savage (hell, even if you've only seen the intro to the show - he says it there too), then you know this quote. I absolutely love it because it is how I like to think. It's scientist meets stubbornness. It's about the idea that even if you've seen the results yourself, you can still be stubborn and choose to believe how you want to. It's meant to be silly. I used to have this quote on a tee-shirt and as a bumper sticker. I'd even made a similar saying to someone long before Adam spoke those words:

Quit dragging me into your weird alternate realities, okay? I can do without it - I have my own!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Island Living

Today I'll be participating in a link up/blog hop called "Finish the Sentence Friday". This week's sentence is...

If I were stuck on an island, I would like to have...

This is a sucky way to start. I mean, it's not your typical "If I were on a deserted island and I could only have ______, _______, and _______, what would they be?" Although oddly enough I was just asked this question not too long ago. They were the most interesting questions too, and I had to think really hard. What book, dessert, and precious/cherished item would you have? The funny thing is, I couldn't think of anything proper. Yeah, maybe I have too much of a logical mind. I couldn't say my cherished item would be anything electronic because, well, I'm on a freaking deserted island with no power lol. And then I thought: well, why would I have any cherished item? Cherished items wouldn't do me any good on a deserted island. I mean, I love the shot glass that Alton Brown signed but that would be a horrible thing to have on an island. What if it broke? 

So, I skipped that question and thought about the book. My first actual thought was "Can I just have my kindle so I can have all my books?" and then it went back to the "well I don't have any electricity so that wouldn't work". So I just had to think... what's my favorite book? Do I even have a favorite book? I love a lot of books. But could I choose one over another? No, probably not.


Dessert? Okay, I was able to answer this one. I chose the Mile High Mud Pie, and all such restaurant variations. I've learned that most restaurants have some form of this dessert with a different name. They're basically a Mocha Ice cream in cake form with fudge drizzle, oreo cookie crust, and almonds.

picture courtesy of

Who would not want this dessert? Holy crap.

Anyway, that whole post didn't even answer the original question did it? Let's pick it apart. It didn't say it was a deserted island, did it? Just that I was stuck there. So, what would I like to have?

Lots of money. Duh. If I'm going to Hawaii I want to have a good time don't I?! :)