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Friday, May 10, 2013

Go outside? But it's like... 80 out there!

Time for another Finish the Sentence Friday! This week we have:

This summer, I plan to...

For once in my life I actually have summer plans. Wow, who knew I could do that? It kind of hinges on friendship support, though. Since I don't do things alone (and lets be honest here, would it be any fun by yourself?)  I need to drag a friend or two along on my crazy trips!

1. Hiking

There are a few places I want to go this summer, and one of them I'm doing this Monday! I won't go into detail about this specific rock a friend and I found when we went camping with my parents one weekend when I was about 15, but sufice it to say, it's a damn cool rock. Shaped like a L for perfect lounging, right in touch with a raging river and the best view of some dead mountains (This is eastern WA we're talking about, here).

View from da rock

Another place is called Ohanapecosh (being Washington, a lot of things are named from or by the Native Americans. You should check out a list of our cities. Humptulips I think is my favorite). There's a nice hiking trail there that leads to a beautiful waterfall. And the water there is gorgeous!

It's also been a while since I've been to the Hoh Rainforest (yet another awesome name), and want to go back there as well.

EDIT: How could I not mention High Rock?! That is the one place on this list I haven't been to already! Apparently, the views are spectacular.

2. Swimming

I miss swimming. I don't do it nearly often enough because summer doesn't last very long around here. And unlike my blogger friend Kate Hall, whose blog describes the exact opposite, I muchly prefer to swim in a lake as opposed to a pool for the exact opposite reasons! Pools are boring and full of chorline and people and children (yes, children aren't people) :P , might as well just swim some damn laps. That's all a pool is good for. No, I want the mucky water. The seaweed. The lily pads. I don't freak out if I see a little fish. And how can you beat having the warm sun on your face, and the nice cool breeze and the fresh air?! Of course it would be nice to actually swim in water that you could see in, as I do have goggles. But sometimes, you have to sacrifice clear water for a little privacy. There's a lake not far from my parent's place that I used to swim in as a kid. It's privately owned by a couple houses in the area (that you can't even see from the lake), so you have to park and walk. There are no toys or bathrooms. Just a couple of landings to get into the water, and the rest of it is surrounded by trees. Not many people (especially kids) come here because it is not a park. No bouys, no life guards. It's perfect. Every time I come, I swim to the other side of the lake and pick a lily. They're usually full of little black bugs, but they smell great lol.

I just read that these are an non-native, invasive species. Go figure.
And for some reason, I remember these as looking more like
large tulips. But I couldn't find a picture of one of those.

I do have to buy another swimsuit, as I keep losing weight and the ones I have are monterously too big now (QQ moar, Amy), and I also have to fish my swimming gear (yeah, I have "gear"! Don't judge me :P ) out of storage. I tread water so bad that I require fins. And who doesn't want to pretend to be a dolphin sometimes?! (I know I do!). Hopefully I can get to it - I think I threw it all back behind my grill and would require some serious moving of furniture to get out. Sigh. Wish me luck!

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