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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pacific Parasail

I crossed another thing off my not-quite-midlife crisis list. I found out two things.

1. I'm not a screamer unless an entity of unknown origin streaks across my vision.
2. I'm not really a thrill-seeker.

I'm at least proud of myself that I didn't cry like a baby before going 1,000 feet into the air. Not only did I beat out the [story about] the manly-man who cried before heading up in the air, but I did better than this young guy's girlfriend who decided to back out at the last minute. Not that I blame her. But I'm still chuckling over the grown-ass man crying about parasailing.

Here is my video that I shot using a GoPro rental. I'd advise watching it at 2.0 speed, it's much more interesting.

The views were spectacular. I couldn't have asked for a better day to do it. I found that I wasn't really scared of the height, but I was more anxious over the lack of control. I had my arms wrapped around the two straps so that I could hold the camera the whole time, and I found that a bit unnerving because every time the wind gusted, I got moved about and it wasn't pleasant. I felt as though if I didn't hold myself forward, that leaning backwards I would fall out of my harness and plunge to my death. I'm weird like that.

I was really only in the air a total of probably 10 minutes, but it seemed like too long to me. I wasn't getting this so-called "adrenaline rush" that so many people strive for when they do crazy stuff. That's why I'm not a thrill-seeker. I just don't get anything out of it. That won't stop me from trying to accomplish the other things on my list, though! Watch out world, here I come!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

What I'm ________ August Edition

EATING: I just bought the coolest thing. It's called a pressure cooker/smoker. That's right, two in one! I've always wanted a pressure cooker, and I've been itching to smoke some food for a long time. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment complex and the last time I built Alton's cardboard smoker (post here), people were knocking on my door asking if there was a fire. So, no more of that. Smoking was pretty much out of the question.

Until Now.

Enter the Emson Smoker. The best of both worlds. I can even cold smoke! How awesome is that? And I got it on woot for the amazing price of $79.99. Couldn't pass that up! I had chicken on hand so that was my first test. Next on the list is cold smoking some cheese! And then - THE WORLD. *ahem* I mean, salmon. Then probably ribs.

DRINKING: I just finished off some very interesting cocoa "mix". Well, I found it at Winco and it came from Mexico, so it was Mexican chocolate with a very weird texture. They were sold in pucks that you cut into 4ths and drop one in your hot milk to melt, or something. I think it had a spice of cinnamon or other flavors and I liked it a lot. The only issue was that it didn't melt well. It was probably just baking chocolate that I miss-read because there was a cup of steaming liquid on the front. o_O

WATCHING: I'm on a TOS kick. If you don't know what that is, go home :P  Actually, it's Star Trek: The Original Series. They've got it on Netflix/Hulu and I had never seen them all so I thought I would binge-watch. They actually have the remastered version on Netflix and at first I was insulted, as I felt that they are messing with an original product. But then, the more I thought about it, the more I liked it. After all, I'm a 90's girl. I'm used to seeing CGI and other such graphics, and for years I kind of stayed away from TOS because I just couldn't get over how bad it looked. But now, the planets look realistic and the ship looks CGI but pretty nice, still. And although the episodes are corny, I'm still getting my entertainments worth!


LISTENING TO: Wes Quave! Took me a while to find him. Our local King5 news did a promo featuring a song that was super catchy but I couldn't find it because it turns out that Wes Quave hires out to write and make promos. I found the promo on youtube, asked around, and found his name. I don't even mind the rap bits too much because they're very tame.

READING: Finally, with much anticipation, Terry Goodkind has released the next installment in his Sword of Truth series: Severed Souls. *squee* I've already convinced a couple people to read his series and they haven't regretted it. If you like fantasy, Terry is the way to go for sure. It's reminiscent of Wheel of Time however I find Terry's books much more interesting :D

WRITING: Still working on my Blue Moon story from many many moons ago. I have finally bypassed my writer's block and have it mapped out in my head all the way to the end. I love it when that happens! It's a tad over 100 pages right now, hopefully I can get it to 150!