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Friday, May 3, 2013

Island Living

Today I'll be participating in a link up/blog hop called "Finish the Sentence Friday". This week's sentence is...

If I were stuck on an island, I would like to have...

This is a sucky way to start. I mean, it's not your typical "If I were on a deserted island and I could only have ______, _______, and _______, what would they be?" Although oddly enough I was just asked this question not too long ago. They were the most interesting questions too, and I had to think really hard. What book, dessert, and precious/cherished item would you have? The funny thing is, I couldn't think of anything proper. Yeah, maybe I have too much of a logical mind. I couldn't say my cherished item would be anything electronic because, well, I'm on a freaking deserted island with no power lol. And then I thought: well, why would I have any cherished item? Cherished items wouldn't do me any good on a deserted island. I mean, I love the shot glass that Alton Brown signed but that would be a horrible thing to have on an island. What if it broke? 

So, I skipped that question and thought about the book. My first actual thought was "Can I just have my kindle so I can have all my books?" and then it went back to the "well I don't have any electricity so that wouldn't work". So I just had to think... what's my favorite book? Do I even have a favorite book? I love a lot of books. But could I choose one over another? No, probably not.


Dessert? Okay, I was able to answer this one. I chose the Mile High Mud Pie, and all such restaurant variations. I've learned that most restaurants have some form of this dessert with a different name. They're basically a Mocha Ice cream in cake form with fudge drizzle, oreo cookie crust, and almonds.

picture courtesy of

Who would not want this dessert? Holy crap.

Anyway, that whole post didn't even answer the original question did it? Let's pick it apart. It didn't say it was a deserted island, did it? Just that I was stuck there. So, what would I like to have?

Lots of money. Duh. If I'm going to Hawaii I want to have a good time don't I?! :)

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