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Monday, June 24, 2013

Do I have a bad luck aura?

There is this blog hop (I think it's a blog hop?) called Monday Listicles. I have no idea if there is a specific weekly topic so I'm just going to choose one. The reason I chose this topic is because I'm seeing a rather odd trend popping up.

10 things that have been broken more than once:

1. Water pumps. I've had two, maybe three cars I've owned have the water pumps burst. I'm only 29 years old and It's not like I've owned these cars for 10 years. One of the accidents happened, oddly enough, when Josh's parents were visiting from Texas. I'd insisted on driving my old, beat up Reliant K car to my parent's house even though they had a beautiful Chevy Impala rental. Luckily, the water pump had burst fairly close to Purdy, since none of us had cell phones back then.

2. Chevy Malibu fuse. I stated this briefly in a previous post: Crapsman... said the Blind Woman. Twice now I've had to replace the fuse that powers only the two cigarette lighters in the front of the car. Of course, I never know that they're broken until I try to use the air compressor to re-inflate a tire. They seem to work for something taking low power, like the GPS (sometimes) or charging my phone. (Which dad says is very strange because once a fuse is broken, nothing should work). At least I know how to replace fuses now!

3. Dryer. I've always lived in apartments, so when things break down, it's their responsibility. It was their dumbass decision to keep around washers and dryers from the 70s and just have a repairman come to fix them up whenever they broke. Well, after tinkering around with the old dryer, he decided to replace it with a new model, which then broke down twice a few months later.

4. Fridge. Same apartment complex. Old fridge from the 80's broke, which is always a lot of fun because you have to shove everything into a cooler and all your frozen items become garbage. It was replaced by an even older model (oh yay), which also broke a few months later. Good times.

...okay that's all I've got for duplicate breakages.

5. Water Heater. Again, same apartment complex. Yeah, that was a blast. Our roommate noticed water pooling on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night, covered it with towels, and went to bed. Great. I get up around 9am, and see completely drenched bath towels on the kitchen floor and water everywhere. When I called the maintenance guy, he'd already gotten a complaint of water leaking through the ceiling from the downstairs neighbors. In order to get the water heater out of the pantry, I had to remove all the food and he had to take out the shelves. He couldn't even find where it was leaking from, so he just had to replace it.

6. The oven. This time, a different apartment. And it (sadly) wasn't even that broken. I regret calling into the landlord that our broiler coil was non-functional. We had a really neat 60's or 70's oven that had a glass opening so you could see into it. It also had a rotisserie (that we never used, but it was still cool!). She tried to save money by trying to get the broiler replaced, but the oven was too old. So, without my permission, she bought another used oven to replace it. We'd already lived without the broiler for several months - I didn't want to replace the whole oven! And the sucky part was that this oven was just an inch or 2 too long, and you couldn't slide out the side cabinet drawer without opening the oven door first. Sigh.

7. The 1995 Mercury Mystique. I could write an entire blog post on this car. Suffice it to say, I was glad when I finally decided to "cube" it (in other words, send it to the junkyard for scrap. I got the cube idea from this: crusher machine) Besides the fact that you had to start the car by sticking two wires together (but if you kept them connected, the after market car alarm would go off every few seconds while driving down the street), the final death had something to do with broken mounting brackets. The engine would move around and wires would be pulled, causing the car to randomly die. The car wasn't worth fixing at that point, so we gladly said to scrap it. Never again. Ever.

*Shivers in disgust*. This thing was a money pit.
8. 2002 Buick Century. This was the car we replaced the Mystique with. This time, it wasn't the fault of the car (which was beautiful. Leather seats, auto everything, and self adjusting rear view mirror... I was in heaven!) This time, my husband drove over a curb going 50 miles and hour, popping the tire, scraping the oil pan and bending the axle, causing the air bags to deploy which cracked the windshield. That one-person accident basically totalled the car. Twas a sad, sad day.

... I'm all out of interesting breakage stories. I think I have some kind of appliance/car gremlin hanging around me, and it's running out of ideas on how to break my shit! Go away, dammit. I'll never be able to buy my own home and afford all the crap I'll have to fix!

Anyone else have any interesting breakage stories they'd like to share? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

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