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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Old-School poems. I mean, old school poems.

I wrote all of these in high school, and haven't really written poems since. Going through these again makes me think that I sound like I was some emo chick or something, and I wasn't lol I was actually happy for the most part - really!

Your life is a mess;
You wonder what went wrong
You try to forget
But it hasn't been long.
The crying never seems to stop
And the pain never goes away,
You used to be at the top
But now you begin to sway.
You feel so alone;
So empty inside.
What you have shown
Is nothing but your willing to die.
You try so hard to keep going,
But it seems you have no choice.
Your heart begins slowing
And you have no more voice.
All you do now is cry;
All you see now is death;
You begin not to try,
For the world you finally left.

This pain I feel
Deep Inside
Came from something
I could not hide.
It lives within me,
Constantly there,
Making me feel
What I dare not share.
This Love I feel
Deep inside,
Those hopes and dreams
Which I strive to hide.
He doesn't know;
He doesn't feel;
He doesn't care
If this is real.
This hurt I feel
Deep inside,
Came from days
I thought I'd die.
Where love seemed
So much further away,
And friendship seemed
To remain that day.
This love,
This hurt,
This pain I feel,
Are things I know
Have to be real.
But why does love
Cause so much pain?
It makes no sense -
There is no gain.
I got a friendship
I could not keep,
And for that, this
Young girl
Starts to weep.
One day this pain
Will go away.
But not today,
Today it will stay.

Shunning pleasures;
In low spirits
As he grows.
Deeply penitent;
Love is dying.
Feels more sadness
Than he knows.

The icicles so sharp
pierce into my soul
of unconsciousness
in a way that I've 
never felt before.
Deep inside the cave
lies water so deep;
As deep as my eyes -
the color so blue.
Loneliness in my heart
holding tightly to life.
Strongly awaiting
the day when
the leaves on the trees
fly away into the sky.
So hard to concentrate,
darkness envelopes my
into a sea of nothingness.

I know sometimes you feel down
And I can't help but worry.
I know you don't like to be mothered,
but I care for you anyway.
I wish you could tell me
What you feel deep inside.
You keep so many secrets locked away;
You just don't understand how this is hurting me.
If I could read you,
What would I see?
Would I see an image
Of you and me?
I'll never know, 
Because you'll never tell.
That's what keeps you
Locked in your cell.
Why did you leave me
Without saying goodbye?
I thought we were friends.
And so this is why I worry,
And this is why I care.
But you'll never understand 
Because you will never be there.

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