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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I've Been Retweeted

As I'm sure all of you are aware by now, my favorite celebrity is Alton Brown and he is on Twitter. As himself, not some douche tweeting for him. I happened to make a comment to him on twitter that sounded innocent enough. Which he then retweeted to his masses, all... 292,934 of them. At first, I was excited. I thought "OMG, Alton just retweeted me!" And then, it sunk in... that he retweeted my comment because he thought I was dissing his show.

How did I know? His response.

Okay, well, at least he saw and responded to what I meant, so he knew I wasn't dissing him. Unfortunately, the damage was already done.

It's basically a "release the hounds" gesture. Yes, Alton can be very melodramatic, and half the time I don't know when he's kidding. He's a lot like my dad in how he can keep a straight face while making a joke, and you're just not sure if he's bullshitting you or not. And this being Twitter, it's basically impossible to tell. He will "joke" about his 10's-of-fans, that fact that "all the people that want [A Good Eats Box Set] are in this room" (said during his book tour) etc etc. He can hate on himself and sometimes I really wonder if he means it, or if he actually thinks that way. He's explained the reason he retweets haters is to make everything balanced, when in reality, I think it's because he's a little offended and he wants to release his followers after the haters. But unfortunately, I'm not a hater, and I've been putting out the fires ever since. Dammit AB, you so owe me lol


  1. Hey, followed your link from YouTube (this is darkprose).

    I didn't know he was so...self-effacing, but I find it kind of charming. Better than the alternative.

    Thanks for sharing this. (I'm on FB, but I've resisted the allure of Twitter, so I miss a lot of the action going on over there.)


    1. Thanks for the comment! Finally, someone says something lol Yeah, after explaining to each individual that I was NOT dissing the best show on the planet, they were mostly like "sorry for the misunderstanding!" but they really did attack me for a couple of days after that! Ugh. You should try following him on twitter. He's pretty hilarious. Goes off on tangents about random shit. And, imparts knowledge to the masses that helps with the Good Eats withdrawals ;)