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Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm Apparently Stealing the Internet

I just got accused yesterday by my neighbor that I am stealing her internet. She claims that we can disconnect them, and down their firewall etc etc. She says she hears us pulling cables through the wall, in which they promptly bang on our wall. Once, it was hard enough to drop a picture of mine to the floor and break the frame. (If I was actually doing this, why would I ever need to do that more than once, I ask you?!)
So anyway, I get this knock on my door yesterday, and the chick is standing there, fuming. She begins with "I just want you to know that I know what you're doing and I'm calling the cops." And begins to walk back to her apartment. I'm stuttering out replies, as I have no idea what's going on. She accuses me of stealing her internet, says "F*uck you" and almost closes her door. I stammer out "I pay almost $100 a month!" And she comes back out and is all like "Where's the bill, huh?"
So, being the cowardly pussy-willow that I am, I rush back inside and get on the website to print my bill. It's taking entirely too long. She yells through my wall "I'm calling the cops!" I finally manage to print my bill and knock on her door. She looks it over, and says "This doesn't look like a bill. It's looks like you printed it!"
Uh yeah, I did. I tried to explain to her that it had my name and account number on it, and it was a bill currently due. She basically shrugged it off and said it was fake. She said she was calling comcast, the manager, and the cops, and shut the door on me.
My legs are shaking. I'm so upset (and I don't mean angry) that I'm beside myself. Justin is just getting home, and together we take the bill to the manager. She said she hadn't heard anything from her (which I don't even know the lady's name. We barely even knew what apartment number it was.) And although professional about it, she was almost laughing it off, which was nice because I was still so upset. 
Another hour later, we have two separate instances of them banging on our wall, because they think they hear us pulling cable. (Again I ask, why would I need to do this more than once?) So I call up the manager and explain. She said she would call her. Afterwards, I get a call back and so now I have given permission for the maintenance guy to come in on Wednesday to make sure everything is legit.
I was just so upset that I took Justin with me to the store because I decided to make Tres Leche cake. Yes, I have turned to cooking to calm my nerves, which is like, so not even me it's scary. But, I needed to do something. I couldn't concentrate on writing or watching TV.  Unfortunately, that is a very simple recipe and it takes 9 hrs inactive time to soak up milk, so again I had nothing to do and was still so agitated because I couldn't fix this.
             [You see, we previously (and when I say we, I mean dumb-ass Justin) were enemies with our old downstairs neighbors because he liked to play Rockband and his off hours were like, 3am at the time. Although I tried to be civil with them, Justin would be vindictive about it even though it was our fault. I think her kid totally keyed our old car.]
Anyway, I didn't want another enemy neighbor. Especially since it wasn't our fault. At least I never ever see her, so there's no awkwardness there, really, but still.
I called my parents. I knew they would be over here because it was their last week of bowling, so I left a message and mom knew exactly what was going on thanks to Facebook. I asked them to come over because I couldn't shake this. Dad basically said she was crazy and not to worry about it. Like Justin, he would rather laugh shit like this off, than to worry. He suggested that if she came after me again, to invite her into the apartment and show her that I wasn't stealing her internet. I told him that I was sure that wouldn't do any good because she was only going to see what she wanted to see (like with my bill "it's not even folded up, it looks printed!"). And what we have is a huge bundle of cables all over the place because both Justin's computer, the TV, the modem and the router, plus our iOmega HDD is right there. In fact, Justin's desk is covering where the cable is, so it's hard to even tell what's going on back there. Although, if the maintenance guy showed her, MAYBE she'd believe it. But I seriously even doubt that the maintenance guy saying "nope, she's legit" is going to matter. She's convinced that I am stealing her cable, since it's apparently been happening for "months". I think I remember her telling me that she'd already called Comcast, and they told her to make a statement to the police if that was the case. I think Comcast is the reason all this is happening. Obviously, something is wrong with her internet, and they're brushing her off. I hate Comcast even more now that I ever did before. Lazy-asses. 

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