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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What I'm ____________ January Edition

Whew, it's been quite a while since I wrote up one of these. Almost a year, I think. It's about time I make one!

EATING: I'm trying to remind myself to eat more protein. Now that I'm off hCG and done with the "Atkins" part of my diet, I don't want to slip back into that old habit of carbs carbs everywhere. I've been making crust-less quiche (or better known as a frittata, probably) for a breakfast I can take every morning to work. It's really simple just to throw some shit and cheese in some eggs and cook it off. (Not real shit. That might not be so appetizing.) I found a delicious recipe for a chicken, broccoli and bacon casserole that I can also make once and serve it out all week. I'm thinking about buying Rachel Ray's Week in a Day cookbook. I really don't like her but I'm always trying to find recipes that I can cook once and then just bring them into work each day.

DRINKING:  Almond milk! Why have I not previously discovered this gem? I've always been disappointed with cow's milk substitutes. Not that I dislike cow's milk (I drink non-fat), but it's 90 calories for about 8 ounces and the carbs are off the charts. Substitutes aren't much better. They're loaded with sugar, and in the case of rice milk (which I really like) there's more carbs and calories than cow's milk! Soy tastes funny to me and still has a ton of carbs. And most subs are really expensive for what you get. Well, I've noticed in recent years that Costco is branching out into the "sub" category. They used to be only whole milk. Then they added the % of milk. Then they added soy. And now they're selling a 6 pack of unsweetened Almond Milk for a very decent price. To drink it straight I need to add splenda. But in cereal or coffee or tea? Man. And for cocoa? Whoa.

WATCHING: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I am on a Marvel kick, and luckily, so is Hollywood! I've always loved Marvel (and I pretty much despise DC comics) even though I'm not a comic book reader. It started with X-Men and Spider-man way back in the day. (I make it sound like I'm talking about the 70's or something. Silly me! o_o) and yet it took me a very long time to finally watch The Amazing Spider-man (because they re-did my love, and I didn't like that) and even longer to watch The Avengers because I didn't know, or care, about these weirdos they added to the plot (GIVE ME IRON MAN!) Black Widow? The arrow dude? Thor? Dafuq was Thor?

THIS... this... yeah.

Okay I'll admit it, I'm a bandwagon fan, but still. Agents of SHIELD rocks. I absolutely adore agent Coulson. He is my most favortist person. And as I'm going backwards, having watched Avengers (and not remembering Coulson was in it) and then re-watching Iron Man with the same problem, then watching SHIELD and now watching Thor for the first time - damn, he's everywhere lol. I love the collectiveness of these movies. I think Hollywood finally did something stellar by making separate character-driven pieces and yet have them all connect in some way, and then bringing that all together again for Avengers. It's Hollywood gold and I'm all over it.

LISTENING TO: Well, I discovered this new song that I'm not completely in love with yet (always seem to like the chorus first most of the time) but I'm getting there. Unfortunately, it's just a little dubstepy, which I'm desperately trying to avoid. Mostly techno-y though. Krewella - Live for the Night. Also starting to really like Avicii - Wake Me Up. Could those two songs seriously be any more different?!

READING: I just finished reading The Last Unicorn. I'm not usually a "read the book after the old movie" type of person, but I got it for cheap in a Humble Bundle set (which included a Wil Wheaton memoir. Pretty awesome read). I feared that it would be written with too much Old English... I have trouble understanding crap like that, but the movie was almost exactly like the book just about word for word. I bought The Third Kingdom by Terry Goodkind the moment it hit Amazon (Literally. Midnight, yo.) Amazing read, too. And now I'm slowly making my way though Kelley Armstrong's novella books just waiting for something good to come out.

WRITING:  I'm back to writing again - yay! I take such long bouts where I'm completely dry of inspiration. And then I can never seem to finish one thought before another completely different one comes and I abandon the first. I'm doing good so far though, staying on track with this one idea. Blue Moon, I call it, a werewolf love story. (obviously!)




  1. I'm going to check out that cookbook too. I am always trying to make myself bring lunch instead of buying but am terrible. This might be the key!

  2. Almond milk - I may have to try that in my coffee. I'm trying to wean myself off of flavored creamer, but I just can't drink coffee with skim milk. And I bet almond milk would be good with oatmeal. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Although almond milk is kind of creamy, I don't think it can be a direct replacement for flavored creamer. I totally get you, though. Coffee creamer has so much bad stuff in it. I tried a DIY powdered creamer with coconut oil but it seperated in the coffee like oil does and didn't add the "creamy" like I'd hoped. You can also make your own almond milk (apparently) by blending almonds and water and straining it out... that is, if you're so inclined. lol