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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Boiling Pasta is for the Birds

So I discovered a new way of cooking. It’s probably not revolutionary, like say, the fire, but you know, it’s handy. Also, someone else probably thought of this years ago, but I’m too lazy to check it out. (Actually, it’s because I feel proud and I don’t want to get depressed that it wasn’t my idea.) This new method I invented* is kind of for single use. Or singles use. However you want to word it. Lonely people. Whatever.

Have you ever cooked ravioli in a fry pan? It’s delicious and you don’t even need a fattening sauce to go with it because you basically fry it in butter (doesn’t that sound healthier?!). I usually will let the butter brown in a pan and then cook the raviolis (fresh, usually) for a couple minutes per side. Simple, easy, done.
Well, I bought some cheese tortellini recently and tried this with it, but epic fail. The pasta was much too dry to begin with so when I fried it in the butter it came out much crisper than I wanted. There’s always the option of boiling them – after all, it is pasta. But it comes out so bland and I don’t want to deal with making a sauce to go with it. I could go all “Rachael Ray” on the Costco batch but man, that’s a lot of food to store. (Also, for some reason, I really dislike the smell of cold pasta sauce sitting in the fridge). With my method, it’s made fresh each day, only takes a few minutes, and you don’t have a huge pot to store in the fridge.

Basically, it’s a hybrid method of butter and water. I still cook them in the same pan.  I add my butter, just enough water to cover the bottom of the pan, add my tortellinis’, and cook while covered for a few minutes. The torts suck up all the butter water, keeping them soft yet tasty. Adding a little salt goes a long way too.
Is it the healthiest option? Nah. But butter is back in style, yo. Join the revolution!

An easy open top so you can 
clog your arteries that much faster

*I’ll say it until somebody disputes me.

PS - There I go, touting Rachael's book again and I don't even have it. Why am I not getting paid for this?!


  1. Sometimes some Chef Boyardee or Spaghetti O's hit the spot! I'll need to try frying the tortellini- sounds good.

    1. Yeah, it's super simple if you're cooking just for 1. I probably won't buy the torts again. Spinach and cheese ravioli FTW.