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Thursday, April 25, 2013

What I'm __________ April Edition

I kind of skipped March because I made Feburary's post on March 1st and I really am just a creature of habit so not much has changed lol.

EATING: Sourdough bread. I don't need to make a sandwich with it. Butter'll do just as well. Especially sweet cream organic butter given to me by a friend of mine that I completely forgot I had until now and is probably way past its prime but I didn't want to waste it so I'm using it now *takes a breath*. Also, sourdough bread from Tacoma Boys is mighty good - nice and sour. I sometimes make my own using this simple recipe from Alton Brown but I was feeling lazy. Too lazy to let something sit for 19 hours, lazy lol.

DRINKING: More tea. Trying out a new flavor called Coconut Chai (black tea). I don't know... maybe I'm just used to Bigalow's bagged Vanilla Chai, but the flavor of this stuff is... interesting. When I go back to my tea place I think I'll switch back to my Coconut Cream (black tea). I still have my staples: Green Mountain green tea and Coconut Oolong tea, though. Yum.
Oh also, an occasional glass of Barefoot Moscato, which oddly enough, is sweet enough by itself for me to drink! (it's a miracle).

WATCHING: I just finished watching Firefly. Yes, the 10 year old TV series that only lasted one season. I remembered learning about it long ago but never started watching it. It was recommended to me from one sci-fi fan to another, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole idea of it was interesting and strange. Half the time I wasn't sure if I was watching sci-fi or a gorram western (see what I did there? *grin*), and I hate westerns. But Nathan Fillon was adorable, and the series was freaking hilarious. I read how Fox really screwed the show over by not showing the pilot as the pilot, and choosing not to air 2-3 episodes of the only 14 episode season. I think if it had started on Syfy, it would have had a much higher success, which is really a shame because the show was very good.

LISTENING TO: Devin Townsend. Well, just one song actually. Over and over again. He's not necessarily my kind of musician. If you look on his wiki page, he's classified under all types of genres, most of which I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole (Extreme metal, thrash metal, industrial metal, death metal, grindcore, progressive metal) But this one song, again recommended to me by my friend, I really like because it's on the other end of his spectrum (progressive rock, ambient, new age, electronic, country, classical).

READING: Almost done with the first book of a series from a new author called Nightshade. It's not about werewolves exactly. They're people that can turn into wolves on a whim. The ideas in it are unique and interesting, but it also seems too convenient at times. A lot of it is well written and some of it isn't. It's an odd combination. I'll probably read the rest of the series, but I'll go back to Kelley Armstrong and CC Hunter for a bit in between.

WRITING: Trying to write a story that's going no where. I'm just not in the mood for it again. It's hard for me to concentrate on writing a well-rounded story when I've got so much emotional turmoil in my life at the moment. I'm hoping it will get better soon, because I really enjoy writing!

PS - I think my friend knows me better than I know myself :P

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