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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Acme Bowling (No Relation to Wile E. Coyote)

A year after one of the worst birthdays of my life (Although I have to say, last year only paled in comparison to turning 21 just two months after my fiancee's death.) I had one of the best. I agonized over where to have my party, which followers of this blog know. I decided on bowling, since we couldn't really party at anyone's house. I've been bowling since I was about 4 years old. My parents were leaguers for over 20 years, and I have my own ball and shoes. I don't bowl often, but I do have a lot of fun when I get the chance to go.

I remembered a place called Acme up north of where I live. Last time I was there was back around 2008, when I worked for a company who had semi-annual meetings with sales reps. They'd all come up from their respective states and we went bowling there one year. This place is not your typical, run down bowling alley, which is why I chose it. It's fairly new, huge, and "hip", for lack of a better word. They have good food, a full lounge bar, several pool tables and even a small game room. It was definitely built for the 20-somethings.

Anyway, I invited my two long time friends, Mary and Monica, and my friend David. I picked up Mary first since she lives very close by. We picked up Monica and met up with David, and I drove us all up there. Mary likes to bowl but has no experience at it. Monica used to bowl years ago and was even in a kid's league back in the day. David said he hadn't bowled for about 4 years or more. I figured I had this made. Easy win. But my parent's had warned me that David was probably going to beat me lol. And honestly, my average only rests at about 120, since I only have a decent, straight plastic ball. (Straight meaning no off-center weight in the middle to aid in curving).

You don't have to eat up at the bar! Already 10x better than your average alley

First game, David did win. Was I a little bitter? ...Maybe lol. But I was having a good time. I got a 110 and he got 122. Monica and Mary were vying for 3rd and 4th place, poor girls lol. Mary was giving me 'L' for loser signals when they all got strikes in the same frame except for me lol. David was teasing me - he was relentless! lol I kept telling him my second game is always my best, but as the frames progressed and I got further behind, he just kept teasing me lol. But in the end I pulled ahead and just baaaareeely beat him with a 132. He was letting me win, he kept saying, because it was my birthday and all. Suuuure. heh. My 3rd game was looking quite crappy. At one point I had a 57 and he had a 94 in the same frame. All looked lost. But in the last 3 frames I began to edge my way up to his level. I got a spare, and then a strike, and then came the clincher in the 10th frame. David was already finished with a 127. I got a 9 in the 10th, and I had to pick up this spare in order to tie. David was trying to sike me out lol but I wasn't havin' it. I picked up the spare and we tied. But my game wasn't over yet. Since it was the 10th frame I had one more ball. All I had to do was not get a gutter and it was in the bag. Being a bowler I rarely, if ever, get gutter balls. But I'd already had twice that night (hey, I did have a Sex on the Beach drink in me too!) and I choke under pressure. Luckily, I did not choke, and edged him out with a decent 134.

During the games, M&M split some nachos and David bought some mozzarella cheese sticks. I just wasn't that hungry. I'd only had some cereal and a mocha earlier that day but when I had one of his cheese sticks I almost couldn't even eat it. When the waitress came I'd told her everyone was separate, but she put David's check and mine together and handed it to him (oops!) he gracefully paid for my one drink :)

We headed to the bar where I promptly ordered a Black Opal with Blue Curacao instead of Chambord (that stuff is nasty). It's my staple drink. People who follow my blog know I order one where ever I go to try to find the best version of it. But she said "So an Adios?" (An AMF) I shrugged and I was like "Yeah, sure." I knew they were similar. (And David was like "and you're driving?" lol) Mary ordered a Flamingo, which had sprite and watermelon liquor and it was NASTY lol. I got bored just sitting at the bar, though. We'd discussed pool, but they wanted $13 an hr/per table. I finally just broke down and bought us an hour. None of us ever play, so it was perfect lol we were all similarly pathetic.

David and I were a team, and M&M were a team. The innuendos were flying off the handle. Both David and Monica were thick with it. I couldn't say a word about pool without it becoming a sex joke lol. I tried talking about how I can't snap the cue, or hit the balls hard and the jokes kept coming lol. David and I won the first game, and M&M won the second. We managed 2 games only in that hour because we couldn't hit these balls to save our lives (shut up lol).

I managed to not fail a self-sobriety test, but after having to wait for Mary to finish her drink, I wasn't feeling up to snuff. I probably could have drove had I been in a more familiar area close by, but we weren't. I had David drive since he was the only other person with a license lol (I think Mary has one, but doesn't really drive). Besides, I've been in his car while he drives and he's perfectly suitable. I trusted him ;) We dropped Mon off at her place and David drove back to his car. After that it was up not me not to kill Mary on the drive back to her place ha. I did fine. I was already nursing a headache by the time I got home, though lol.

I had a blast. David's relentless teasing actually made the game more fun. Neither one of us are competitive, but it was fun to tease each other about our shitty throws lol. I had a wonderful time and I'm glad to be able to replace a bad memory with a good one.

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