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Friday, March 1, 2013

What I'm __________ February Edition

Yes I know it's March. Shup. I've been busy and stressed and many other things. Plus, my life is so boring that I'm sure some of these will/would be the same from month to month!

EATING: Nothing new, really. Still eating tuna sandwiches. And when I'm too lazy to make up a batch (lasts 3 days) of tuna, I pour me some Life cereal and put some milk in a bottle for work and go to town lol

DRINKING: Mead!! Haha. Yeah, I know, right? Anybody that knows me knows that I hate non-hard alcohol. Beer, wine etc. And even when it's sweetened, especially mead (with honey) it's still not sweet enough for me!! (Even dessert wines I have an issue with). But when your friend makes a batch and decides to give some to you in a pretty bottle all corked and foiled, well... how could I refuse? And dammit if I say it's good.

WATCHING: Psych. Actually, I missed the first episode; I guess it started last week. But I'm still 7 seasons behind or some shit anyway lol. I just started watching it on Netflix, and I'm actually enjoying it. It's like House but funnier... and not medical related lol. It's a bit childish, but the humor is still enough to keep me watching.

LISTENING TO: WORLD ORDER. Yeah, I discovered them on Not really the best advertising there lol but I find their music very smooth and calming, yet it has that trance beat that I enjoy so much. The best part though, is their music videos. I am floored by their ability. It's strange, sure. But I really like it. And no, there's no editing. They're really walking that slow lol. It's kind of like watching a flash mob - the best part is seeing the reactions of the passersby as they make their videos! lol Watch one, they're pretty cool!

READING: Nothing new here either. I'm reading the same book as before lol I've just been busy doing other things instead of reading! But, I've got a novella of Kelley Armstrong's lined up for my next book when this one is done: Forbidden

WRITING: For the same reason I haven't been reading, I haven't been writing either! I really want to start up again, just stuck in a spot. I even have a new idea for a book... if I can ever get to the ending! :P

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