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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stuck in Limbo

It's scary how fast you can fall for someone
It's scary how quickly things can change.
You're in a pit
with no escape
wondering what your future holds.
When someone seems so right
why cant they see it?
Why cant they feel it?
Their worries and fears become your own.
You feel everything they feel
You want nothing but their happiness;
to see them smile.

To not know what's coming
is the scariest thing of all.
Your life is about to change
in an instant
which way will it go?

You want someone to hold you when you're sad
laugh with you when you're happy
protect you when you're vulnerable
I can be that person for you.
I can be the one you want.
I can be the one you need.

...Why can't you see that?

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