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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What I'm __________

A blogging friend of mine had a neat idea, and I'd like to try it out. I might try this once a month or so, depending on if my tastes change. But basically, I'll fill in the blank with what's going on in the moment. I like this idea a lot because I often attach new songs that I fall in love with, to memories. (Because I listen to these new songs non-stop on eternal repeat for days). An unintended side-effect of that was when I would listen to that particular song in the future, it would pull up that memory.
For example, the song 'Begin' by Riyu Kosaka, reminds me of Pokemon every time I listen to it, because that song was on eternal repeat whenever I would play Pokemon on my computer.
So, here it goes.

Listening to: Without You by David Guetta, ft. Usher. (watch the music video. It's so cool) Not something new, but I'm re-falling in love with it. David Guetta is a new one for me. He's not a singer, but a composer, I guess. He writes the music, someone else writes the lyrics and sings it, or something. I have another song he's done too if you like that one. It's called Everybody Knows Me ft. Niles Mason.

Eating: This one would be pretty unchanging. Once I find something good to eat, I don't much change up my routine. Right now I'm enjoying my Kirkland weight loss shakes for breakfast, but I make them a lot better. In a blender, I add ice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a teaspoon or so of almond butter (peanut butter works wonders too) and mix it up. It makes almost 20 oz and fills me up pretty much until lunch. It's tasty.

Drinking: Tea!!! I just read an article recently that suggests milk in tea might decease the antioxidant effects, which would really suck. But I'm actually enjoying a few different flavors. I loooove chocolate hazelnut. Also Chai is good, and Chai Vanilla. I can do green tea too, but again, it needs non-fat milk. Oh, and Splenda.

Watching: All the new shows are out for the season, so what am I watching? How I Met Your Mother, which I've already been watching since its inception. The Tivo has kind of left me out of the loop regarding any new series that come along because I never watch live TV. (like, EVER.) I would have also said House and Eureka if they hadn't ended last year. Still a sad panda about that. Once HIMYM ends, I won't have anything but my Inside Edition. Sigh. Oh, and I'll say Next Iron Chef, once that starts in November. And whenever the American Version of Being Human begins... I just have a season pass on my Tivo, so... lol

Reading: Alpha and Omega: Cry Wolf by some chick I don't even know. I didn't buy the book. I'm more than half done with it and it's okay. I'm really picky about my werewolves, I guess. I "grew up" with Kelley Armstrong's version of werewolves and so far, by far, they are the best. So much so in fact, that her books inspired me to write my Feral trilogy. My longest story ever.

Writing: Which brings me to what I'm writing! Now that Kelley Armstrong has ended her 13 book series, I decided to kind of start where she left off, in a way. I've borrowed her characters and her world, and began writing my own story. It's no where near as good, but I'm liking it so far. For lack of a better idea I'm just calling it "Werewolf" for now, and I'm 70 pages in. It'll be a story probably under 100. Slightly more maybe if I can think up some good plot points.

Most Excited About: Moving! Dear me, it's bittersweet. I love this apartment a lot. I mean, it's 920 square feet, which is huge, 2 bed, 1-1/2 bath unit. It's on the top floor, but only one flight of stairs up, and it's a corner unit so we only share one wall with the neighbors and we have extra windows. We have one assigned parking space that is within steps of the stairs, and covered for free. Plus, we're in the North End, which is a safe, beautiful area. Within minutes of Point Defiance Park. The downside is the price. We just can't keep living here. We had a roommate for 2 of the 3 years, and we attempted to stay here on our own w/o him and we've struggled a bit. I mean, I just paid $94 for w/s/g, and that's up by $10 this month. Why? I dunno, cuz whoever charges for the sewage jacked us? It's ridiculous. Anyway, we're moving a bit more south, near the mall. It's not that great of a neighborhood, but it's not horribly dangerous either. Not like Hilltop or the South End. I like the place a lot... we're sacrificing on space major, loosing the extra bedroom completely, but it was built in '99 so everything is basically new and efficient. Rent is over $100 a month cheaper, Electric will be cheaper, and Thank GOD there's a $56 flat rate for w/s/g. In addition, we actually get some amenities like a small gym and a tanning bed.

So that's it for this month! Tune in next time for What Amy is Doing (and why we care!) *grin*

1 comment:

  1. It's weird how much we have in common! I also obsess over songs, until they're linked to certain emotions and memories. And I agree about the tea. It's something I've drank here and there for pretty much my whole life. But for some reason, I'm really into it now. And I'm glad you did this! It's nice to have a blog buddy. :D