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Saturday, August 25, 2012

We are Becoming a Cohesive Unit

Yeah it's a strange title, but it's true!! Our marriage is coming back from the brink, as it were. Justin's change is helping me to change from the nagging, overbearing wife, to the caring person that I truly am. Yesterday was a great day for us. Justin spent the day cleaning the apartment for our guests tomorrow. I am cooking a late birthday dinner for Justin's dad and his girlfriend (fiancee?). While Justin does the parts that I hate - mopping floors, vacuuming etc, I do the clean up. Justin doesn't touch the junk because he doesn't know where to put it. In truth, I just look around, find a spot, and stick it there lol.

When I got home from work, Justin was already ready for our walk. I'm trying to get him to exercise more, and it's a way we can spend time together without having to spend any money - not even on gas, because there's a nice walk right out of our apartment. I usually go the full length - 2.3 miles, in about 40-45 minutes. Today we walked only half that, and Justin is much slower than I am. That's okay. For his effort and my thanks, I took him out to dinner. (That sounds funny, like we're dating lol. What I mean is, I said let's go somewhere and chose a place.) He thought Skippers for their clam chowder, but honestly, I don't enjoy fast food fried fish and shrimp.  And the closest one was probably over 30 minutes away. I said he should try Duke's Chowder House, so we went there. And I told Justin: No phones. Let's TALK. (oooooooh.)

Duke's is very cool for its fresh, local, organic and sustainable faire. I know, those are all buzzwords, but really, it's quite nice to see. (And we got a view of the water! The restaurant is literally on the water.) 

They're pretty expensive of course, but I could almost taste the difference. Their chowder (with which they serve 4-5 varieties) is really good. Could've used more clams!! I got mine in a bread bowl, which was the best part. It was a meal in itself. Justin got the Crab "un"-cake, which is more crab than cake, and I got the salmon sandwich. I could only take a couple bites of the sandwich because I was already full, but from what I had, it was super delicious. I'd never really thought of salmon being on a sandwich, but it totally works. I did however, eat all the sweet potato fries, which I didn't even know the sandwich came with (otherwise I might have subbed them for regular fries. That's one gripe I have about the menu... they don't tell you much.)

[Quick note: I've only had sweet potato fries once in my life. A co-worker ordered them from the hospital's cafeteria, which is not really known for its outstanding food. I asked to try one, made a face, and then said "Are sweet potato fries always supposed to taste like this?" She said yes, and I was like "ewww".]

But these... wow. Call me a foodie and I'll be proud, and this is why. I could tell that they used sea salt to flavor the fries, and believe it or not, that made them awesome. I was just as shocked as you are lol. Using sea salt, which has huge flakes, gave a sense of a salt "pop" of flavor occasionally. It didn't overwhelm the flavor of the fries themselves at all. They were cut fairly thin and fried well, where they weren't too crunchy. I was amazed at their flavor. They tasted nothing like those "other" fries! I had to eat them all, and then regret it [my full stomach] for the rest of the night lol.

Justin and I talked, we had a good time, and he really liked the food. We never went on "dates" because I was always worried about money. And I still am, but I can't let it screw up our relationship. I just need to back up a little bit, let loose; not nag about everything, and Justin will relax a bit more, and the arguments will flow less naturally. It seems to be working! Wish us luck! :)

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  1. You don't know how happy I am to hear this. I always knew you loved him. :) Talking is important. I was watching the Monteray vid from last can tell he cares about you by what he says. Much luck, and love, guys.