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Sunday, August 26, 2012

I'm Tired of Being Cold!

I'm cold a lot. I'd say maybe 80% of my day. Of course if I'm sitting in 85 degree weather, or in the shower, I'm good to go (btw, I take my showers very hot, and usually stand there until all the hot water is gone). I've noticed that my basal temperature (that's right before you go to bed) is about 96 degrees on average. Maybe 96.5. I have my personal heater on me, even when it says it 70+ in the room. 

What I've begun to realize is that my temperature drops when I drink cold water (not ice cold, but fridge cold). Enough to where I am shivering and I feel as though I've stepped out into cold weather. I've been wearing an undershirt to work in my climate controlled building in order to stay warm, because my jacket isn't enough.

Right now, I have my leather jacket on and my heater pointing at my legs, because 10 minutes ago, I drank some water. I've been taking my temp via under my tongue, which probably isn't the best place because I'd just been drinking water... but it was 95.9.

I really think there might be something wrong with me. My temperature shouldn't drop so drastically that I need a coat and a heater to warm up. Sometimes in winter, my socks, shoes, sweater and blanket aren't enough, because I need to raise my CORE temperature, and that's much harder to do. I'm cold on the INSIDE. (haha). I can sit in front of that blasted heater all day and not ever get too hot. In fact the only reason I move away is because my butt falls asleep (and I realize I must be racking up the heat bill). The only thing that truly helps me is a hot bath. And I mean hot to the point where I'm lightheaded. 10 minutes in there and FINALLY I'm warm again. 

The only references I find online is "a fluctuation in temperature is normal" and usually when people are complaining of a low temp, they're sick. I'm not sick. I've been like this for years. I had my TSH tested at my routine physical and it was fine, which is kind of too bad, because it seems as though I might have a couple symptoms of hypothyroidism. 

When I kick my blanket off at 2am after my body gets too hot, I'll try to remember to take my temperature and see if it's "normal". Too often when I feel too hot, it's because my body temp is around 98.6 :P

When I had my random attack of hives, I developed a fever. The funny part was that when I finally went to the PCP and told her I needed steroids for my hives and I had a fever, she checked it and said "99. That's not a fever." I was GOING to tell her "Heck yes, that's a fever to ME!" I felt flushed and hot, and considering my temp is usually around 96, that's quite a spike :P

I'm not quite sure what to do about it... there's not really any supporting evidence online that a low temperature is a bad thing, or that being cold means something bad. I have a feeling I'd be brushed off by doctors just trying to figure this out; which really sucks, because I'm tired of being cold!!

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