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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Somebody Stole my Package

Because it's a blog, and a memory for me, I should post things that even seem insignificant. I'm 27 years old, so  I haven't lived long enough to have many things happen to me. So, this is new. Apparently, somebody stole the package I ordered from Amazon right off my front porch. I'm actually quite shocked about it, because Justin and I live in a nice neighborhood. North Tacoma is very upscale and safe for the most part. We live in a gated (at night) apartment complex on the third floor. We didn't used to even lock our doors, but that was mostly because we had 3 people on different schedules living at our place.

I'm still not 100% sure if my package was stolen, but I don't know what else could have happened. I ordered a couple things from Amazon, and for the first time ever, it was being shipped from Seattle. Usually, my stuff comes from Sparks, NV, which is annoying since they have a warehouse only a hour from my house. It was being delivered by some weird company I'd never heard of: OnTrac. Unfortunately, when my package said "delivered", it was no where to be found. We have mailboxes that include large lock boxes to keep larger packages. And, we have an office. I checked both, and my package was nowhere. It said it had been delivered at 1:50, and Justin said he'd been home. He hadn't heard a knock, and he'd left at 2pm to pick up his check, and didn't see a package at the door.

I called OnTrac. The lady was very apologetic, and told me that they weren't supposed to leave packages at our door when you lived in a complex. I would get a call after she'd contacted the driver to find out what happened. I got a call back about 2 hours later, and she said that the driver would stop by on Monday, because it was late Friday night and he was off until then. I asked her if he'd left it at the office, and she said no; at my front door, but there was a language barrier because he spoke Spanish. She also explained that if the package couldn't be found, then Amazon would replace my items for free.

I was frustrated, but not entirely angry or upset. I'd only spent about $30 on this package and yes it would have sucked if I'd just lost it forever, but I wasn't going to yell and scream at her. She was probably very grateful that I was so nice. It wasn't her fault, and I knew that customer service gets the brunt of all the anger. I can't ever scream or cuss at customer service over the phone for anything. I'm just not like that.

Well, the next day, Saturday, I heard a knock on my door and found the delivery guy for OnTrac standing there. Okay, cool. He spoke English just fine enough for me to understand. He told me that yes, he'd left the package at my door. I told him about how my husband was here and he didn't see a package when he left 10 minutes later. Neither one of us could say much. He apologized, and again I didn't scream or cuss at him. Yeah, he was a moron because he knew he shouldn't have left it at my door. He probably figured he was going to get a tongue-lashing. But again, I'm just not that way. I was sure he would get one from his supervisor and that was fine.

So after that, I got online and sent Amazon an email explaining what happened. I hadn't expected an answer until Monday since it was Saturday, but I got one a couple of hours later. They apologized, said they would send me a replacement at no charge, and would make sure to let OnTrac know of my experience. My replacements are coming from Sparks, NV, oddly enough, but Amazon shipped it that day, and overnighted it. My stuff will be here by Monday -coming from UPS. They know to use our lock boxes. However, I shall be getting my things delivered to my work from now on.

Definitely A+ for Amazon in my book. They were awesome about responding to me quickly and shipping my stuff to me. The only thing I find kind of funny is I'm imaging the dude that stole my stuff off my porch and saying to hisself "wtf is this?" at my aebleskiver pan. Have fun trying to figure that one out or sell it, dude lol

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