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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thirty isn't old... right?

I’m going to make some people feel very old, and subsequently make others feel very young. I apologize in advance (not really!) Since I’m just about to turn 30, I’ve decided to give a short summary of my life – in bullet form!

1.  Born April 1984 in Delta, Utah. It was sunny and snowing at the same time. I was also the only one being born in the hospital that day.
The Apple Macintosh was invented in this year, and so was the CD-ROM.

2.   Moved to Port Orchard in 1993-94, and found my first best friend. We are still friends to this day.
The Java programming language was first released that year, and Kurt Cobain commits suicide.

3.   Discovered chatrooms online in 2000-2001. They would subsequently change my life forever.

4.   Got my first job at Kmart when I turned 18 in 2002, moved out of my parent’s house, and in with my online boyfriend, Josh, who had moved up here from Texas to be with me.
We had satellite TV, no cell phones, and a landline that gave us 56k internet for $10/month with a service provider.

5.   In 2004, I become a fiancée for the first time. No wedding dates are set.

6.   In March of 2005, Josh dies from a heart attack. I get fired from my cashiering job at the same time, and am forced to move back home. I attend short vocational schooling which allows me to temp in the healthcare industry.

7.   I move back out in March of 2006, and 3 months later I meet Justin. 
Those 3 months are the only time I’ve ever lived alone.

8.   Wedding bells ring in May of 2009. I had just lost my job two months prior, and was on unemployment for almost 9 months thanks to the recession.  In December, I get hired on for Franciscan Medical Group with the job I still hold to this day.

9.   In January of 2013 I separate from Justin and move back home once again. In June, the divorce is final.

10.   April 19th, 2014 I am finally moved out and on my own once more. (Reached my goal to be out before 30! Woot!)

11.   April 27th, 2014 I turn 30.

That’s a lot of sh*t to go through before I’m 30. Wow. It’d still make a pretty lame autobiography though. What about you? If an autobiography was written about your life, would people read it?


  1. Wow, Amy! That is certainly a lot of *life* you've had. I like how you juxtaposed your earlier events with the sorts of things that were going on in the world at the time... that's a really good idea, I'll keep that in mind for my own "OMG IM TURNING 30 POST." Only 2 years away, almost to the day!

    That's awesome that you're back on your own now. It's amazing what the act of setting a goal with a deadline can do for us.
    And! I like that our birthdays are just a day apart :)

    1. Thanks! I wanted to do a little history lesson with every bullet point, but I realized that I'm JUST thirty. Like, it wasn't that long ago, you know? lol It felt kind of silly to put in a history lesson for things that only happened 10 years ago or whatever. I can't wait to read YOUR version! I have a feeling you'd win ha