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Friday, March 28, 2014

Apparently this actually happens to people

I used to laugh at people who said they dropped their phones in the toilet. I just couldn't picture any scenario where they could possibly drop them while on the john. I shook my head at people who said their phone slipped out of their pocket - I mean, that's a lousy lie for someone who was just actually texting while going number 2 and couldn't admit it.

And then it happened to me.

Yeah, I had it in the bathroom because I was at work and when I clock out for lunch I use my phone as a timer. I was wearing a new jacket and somehow, defying all physics, as I moved the phone slipped out of my pocket and I heard that horrifying *plop*. I was lucky that it was the least amount of disgusting as it could be. Immediately after the fact, the phone still turned on and worked perfectly fine. So, I cleaned it off and used the personal heater at my desk to help dry it quickly.

It wasn't until that night when everything went horribly wrong. The battery normally lasts all day with light use at work and moderate use at home, so it was almost completely dead by the time I went to bed. I plugged it in at my nightstand like I always do and... it wouldn't charge. I freaked out. I tried it at the computer. Nothing. So, I turned it off and stuck it in rice all night.

In the morning, nothing had changed. It was the weekend, so the ability to fix it quickly was limited. I was expecting an important call on Monday and was planning on taking my car in for service on Tuesday and I just needed my phone to work. Now, I do have the full insurance coverage from Asurion, but it had a $99 deductible and I would have had to ship it back and probably have to go to Verizon to use my old Droid X as a backup in the meantime.

However, I had other, cheaper options. It was only the charging port that was the problem, so I focused on that. Could I give myself another way to charge the phone and/or buy a replacement part for less than $99? Yes and yes. I could charge it wirelessly via what's known as a Qi charger. Honestly, the idea of this technology is nothing more than a playful novelty. It's not really wireless, after all. But hey - if I didn't need to plug it in, then that would solve my problem. And I could go to Best Buy or something that day and pick one up. That could solve my immediate issue, but I would also want to fix my port; they do come in handy occasionally. So, I did a little research on how hard it would be to fix it myself. Seeing $10 for the part and $3 for the tool, I ordered them from Amazon.

I then coerced my mom to come with me to do some "emergency shopping". For shits and giggles, I decided to see if the phone would charge in the car. EUREKA. We stopped and turned around. The phone was slowly repairing itself. I plugged it in at home and boom - working once more, merely 24 hours after the original incident.

I still ordered the Qi charger from Amazon, just in case.

Have any of you dropped your phone in the toilet/other water sources? Did it work afterwards?

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