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Monday, January 21, 2013

What I'm __________ January Edition

Eating: I'm trying to go back on my diet now. My clothes are fitting tighter and it's making me angry so I have to start eating better again. The quinoa I made, although good, didn't quite work for me as a side dish. I mean, it's tasty, sure, but I can only eat so much (side note: it freezes amazingly well). Well, after seeing recipe after recipe of it being incorporated into salads, I thought I'd give that a try. After all, Giada's herbed quinoa recipe is very lemon-y, which would work perfectly in a Caesar. I keep the salad really light by buying Newman's Own Light Caesar Dressing, which has all the flavor and none of the creamy. I buy Spring Mix salad because it has more flavor than romaine (and it better for you!), and just add some parmesan cheese and the quinoa. The quinoa really helps flavor it; I just love it.

Drinking: I've moved on from black tea. Not permanently, mind you, but just to try some others out. I have some loose leaf green tea, and some loose leaf coconut Oolong tea. The green tea looks and kind of tastes like grass. Out of the two I much prefer the Oolong, which doesn't surprise me because black tea is fully oxidized to give it its flavor, and Oolong is partially oxidized (while green isn't at all.) But, out of the 3, I much prefer black because it comes in all kinds of yummy flavors.

Watching: Being Human! The season finally started and I was able to record it! (It's difficult because my parent's watch and record like, everything under the sun). I started watching the British version 3-4 years ago and just fell in love with it. It's about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost trying to fit into human society. It's a drama but the comedy is there. 2 years ago, the Syfy channel decided to nab it and make their own. I was dubious - and actually a bit pissed because Season 1 was almost scene for scene like Series 2 of the British version, which I had just watched. The names have changed but of course they try to match each character's likeness. I still don't like Aidan, who plays the vampire (Mitchell on BBC), and was cast for the simple reason that he has a striking resemblance to Edward Cullen, I'm sure. However, I am in love with Josh (perfect name, right?!) the werewolf, who actually looks and sounds a little like my Joshie, and I prefer over George (BBC). Anyway, after Season 1, Syfy split off and went in a completely different direction than BBC and I am thoroughly enjoying it thus far.

Listening To: I'm finding my way back to Cash Cash. I discovered them a few (many) months back when the preview of Sonic Colors for the Wii came out. 

I found out who sang that awesome song and found a few others that I enjoyed too. I like them because they sound just slightly older than boy-band, but still have that hip quickness to their music; and a good trance sound. 

Reading: I'm actually going back and forth between C.C. Hunter's third book, Taken at Dusk, and re-reading (editing) Feral, my first story in my trilogy. I wish I could publish it... I enjoy reading it but I'm probably the only one. And it's hard to judge just how "good" the story line is without someone else's perspective. If anyone would like to read it I'd be more than happy to send it as a .doc file (you don't have to edit, just give your honest opinions. I'll even change the main guy's name! lol) which you can put on ereaders too. oh, it is NC-17 though. It's not bad like 50 Shades bad, or pornographic or anything, in fact I'm really light on descriptions. After all, it's a love story, not a harlequin novel lol. But it's a prerequisite to like, well, not werewolves exactly but fiction in that sense. It's set in an alternate reality. ANYWAY, moving on... lol

Writing: I've written 5 more pages of my Werewolf story! Woopie-do! lol I'm actually skipping ahead to the part that I want to write. I call that cheating but I just don't want to write the part that I'm at lol. I'm fairly close to being done, I think.

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  1. You can send it to me! I can't give any ideas of when I'll actually get through it, because I haven't been able to focus on a book in so long. But if it hooks me, I can probably read it in one or two sittings. My email address is if you wanna send it on over. :)