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Saturday, December 15, 2012

What I'm _________ December Edition

Eating: Holy crap. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make a ton of different cookies and brought them to our office. There are shortbread cookies, sugar cookies, peanut butter, chocolate chip... zucchini bread, nuts, FUDGE. (I'm usually not drawn to fudge, but this stuff was good!). I've been gaining weight like nobody's business, I'm sure. By the way, this was the first time I've ever tried zucchini bread (chocolate loaf no less!) And it was really good. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Drinking: After my failed attempt at making Alton Brown's gummy worms, I made lemonade out of lemons by making cherry limeade out of the leftovers lol. I started with cherry-flavored jello, and put it into sugar "molds" (I also added citric acid for that sour flavor), but they never set right. So I scooped up all that half-set jello sugar and thought "what can I possibly do with all this? I don't want to throw it away..." it was 4 cups of sugar per sheet pan! So then I was all like "well, I have lime juice... and it's already nice and sour..." BINGO. Justin and I have a glass occasionally, and it's delicious.

Watching: Once Upon a Time. Originally, a friend of mine told me all about the show when it first started. It piqued my interest, but I just never began recording it. Then just a few weeks ago, my parents told me they really liked it and were watching it. So, I decided to get caught up. Almost there... about 5 episodes to go. I'm really liking it so far. I love to hate Regina, and the man that plays Rumpelstiltskin is epic. (holy crap, the word Rumpelstiltskin was on Chrome's spell-check list. Ha!)

Listening to: Besides mentioning yet another Hatsune Miku song that I have on eternal repeat, I will instead mention TSO, or Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I actually listen to them all year round... I don't have a season for holiday music. But my catch is that I hate regular Christmas music. Yeah, you heard me. I'm only 28 years old and I'm already sick of the same old boring music. Only playing it once a year isn't even a good enough span of time in between. But I really like TSO because it's more rock music than Christmas music. My favorite ones are Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24 (includes light show!), First Snow, and A Mad Russian's Christmas. Also, here's a cool house to another TSO song. I also like non-typical Christmas music, like The Kinks "Father Christmas" and "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses.

Reading: I've discovered a new author that I enjoy. I already read "Born At Midnight" by C.C. Hunter, and now I'm onto his/her second book "Awake at Dawn". I'm really liking this series so far. Synopsis: To the outside world Shadow Falls is just an ordinary camp for troubled teens nestled deep in the woods. But the kids at Shadow Falls are far from ordinary. They’re supernatural. And from the moment high school student Kylie Galen enters this world of fairies, vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters, she’s had one burning question: What am I?

Writing: Bah, I'm up to page 91 on my Werewolf story. I haven't written hardly anything because I'm kind of stuck and dealing with a lot of other shit in my life right now. But I'm not giving up on it like my other... 20 some-odd stories lol.

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