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Saturday, December 1, 2012

20 Days Until Destruction

Not that I really believe that we'll all blow up on 12/21/12, but a question was posed by a friend of mine:

"If you only had 20 days to live, what would you do?"

And it got me to thinking. Well, it got me to think that I should be thinking. I'm just going to write this post as I go and see what spews out... a lot like my stories!

I'm not afraid of death. I'm afraid of dying, because dying can be sad and painful. But I'm not afraid of death itself. And unlike people that believe in God, I don't have much faith about their being a Heaven, yet I'm still not afraid of death. As the logic goes, when you're dead, you're dead. You can't care. Cold? Maybe. I'd like to believe that I'd see Josh again. That would be the only thing I really care about. That and seeing Chipper, if ducks have a place they go when they die :P

But, back to the question at hand: What would I do if I knew the world was ending in 20 days? That makes a big difference when you know as opposed to not knowing. To be honest, I'm not sure I'd do much at all. I'm not a risk seeker. I don't really have a bucket list because I'm boring, I guess. I'd like to see Japan. I'd like to scuba dive. I'd want to visit my favorite places again probably. The mountains, the ocean... I'd probably go see Yellowstone National Park. Maybe I'd even travel to New York and meet Anne, go to Metaphor and Graffiti (Jehangir Meta's restaurants) I'd also go eat at Do or Dine, Justin Warner's restaurant.  This would all be if money was no object I suppose. I don't think I even have enough credit to cover all those expenses.
Oh, I suppose I'd mention that I'd want to be with Justin. I know most everyone knows by now that we've separated. I won't go into details, but I don't hate him. I'll never hate him; and I still in fact love him. And if there really was only 20 days left, I would rather be with him and my parents than anyone else.

I'm not sure if I'm alone in thinking this, but if the world was "ending" on 12/21/12, I would think of straight blowing up, or something similarly devastating. I wouldn't care. What would scare me would be post-apocalyptic conditions. I would rather die I think, than try to survive in a world destroyed. I suppose all the planets are going to be aligning on 12/21/12, which hasn't happened in... I don't even know. I read on that NASA was debunking all the destruction stories, but they never mentioned that one. (Although they did mention the polar shift, which has happened to our planet before and could happen again at any time). I read that the planets' aligning could be bad. Something about the gravity and blah blah I can't remember what I read.

Anyway, I'd like to know what everyone thinks. Comment and let me know what you would do with only 20 days left. Thanks!


  1. Personally, I find the whole 12/21 thing a bunch of malarchy. People worry too much, and are too supersticious (I can spell, I swear) especially about things they don't understand.

    I have no religion other than science. I like to believe life and death are just states of being. I like the theory that we're just observers. When we die we simple stop being alive and switch to a state of observing death. I'm not afraid of death, from a scientific point of view. I like being alive, but I also like to learn and move on. I dont know if any of this makes any sense. lol.

    Anyway, if I only had 20 days, I'd probably do a lot of things I'm not going to say on here..if you get my meaning. Not really any sites that I NEED to see though. Probably just have fun, go the mountains, snowboard, kayak. Do the things I enjoy doing.

  2. You know what I'd do. Go upstate, grab my two friends there. Head to NYC Confess to a certain person how I felt. Head south, gathering people along the way, then turn back North, and see you. We'd all go together. Boom!