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Saturday, November 10, 2012

My Review of the Amazing Spider-Man

I know this is a little late in coming, but I hadn't seen it in theaters thanks to my stubbornness. Plus, I don't normally write reviews on movies. I don't even leave comments or stars on things like fandango. But, Spiderman (the idea) is one of my favorites of all time. Spiderman as a concept beats out every other super hero I've seen to date, and yes, that includes the Avengers (which I also didn't see in theaters thanks to my hatred for DC comics). Spiderman as a super hero has depth and feeling, which was portrayed well in both incantations of the movie. I didn't watch The Amazing Spider-Man in theaters because I didn't want to be betrayed with something I already loved. I liked Tobey Maguire as Spiderman, and I loved the concept of it. No, I've never read the comics. But it made more sense to me that hell, if he could climb walls, shouldn't he be able to freaking shoot some webbing? That whole idea that Peter Parker had to create a device with which what he should already have been able to do, turned me off of the movie completely. And I know that's how the comics were; but I didn't read the comics, remember?

Anyway, as much as I'd want this to be a straight up review of a singular movie, I have to compare the two, because the first version is one of my favorite movies. TASM (The Amazing Spider-Man) had some awesome points, and some downfalls. And now that I've seen this movie, so did SM, really. TASM touched on some points that SM missed completely, but I think it was because both the characters that portrayed Peter Parker were completely different. I felt as if TASM was more real. As a teenage boy, I feel that this movie would be how he would react if this happened in real life. Even though I hadn't read the comics, I appreciated the throwback to his sarcastic nature; it was one thing I missed in SM. However, as uplifting as it was to have the whole city rally around him there at the end, I felt as though a major piece of the plot was missing without Jonah Jameson and his damning newspaper articles about "the menace to society". We almost had that in Gwen's father, but even that turned out okay in the end. I think how the city thinks he's a menace is one of my favorite parts about Spiderman as a character. This is one of the things that create depth and realism of character and plot.

One thing that I think SM did better was Uncle Ben's death. All Peter was concerned about was getting money. He'd had an argument with his uncle and said fuck it - I'm going to let the guy get away. Although I have to admit, the Uncle Ben in TASM took his own advice when saying that if you can do something, you should, and tried to grab the gun. But SM was more convincing, because Uncle Ben was an innocent bystander. He'd done nothing but wait by the Library to pick up Peter, who had lied to him about where he was in the first place. It put more guilt on Peter when he was shot dead. Plus, we had that whole telling Aunt May that'd he'd killed his uncle moment (which I honestly can't remember if that was in the first movie or the second). I also have to point out a major plot fail in TASM. He got the antidote in a second before it was released, *slow clap* because he could have done it right after, too. Duh. lol

Okay, this review is already long enough, geez. lol But I have to tell you, I loved this movie a lot. I loved it a lot more than I ever expected to. Andrew Garfield is an amazing actor. He sounded so goddamn believable. And, he's freaking hawt. He might be my new crush lol. Also, I must point out that this is the first time EVER, in ANY movie, that I noticed the clothes. Wardrobe department gets an A+ on this movie. I give it 4-1/2 stars out of 5. Both Peter Parkers were extremely different people and you can't compare the two. So how Andrew Garfield played his version was spot on. I enjoyed his character much better than Tobey's. That's just my personal opinion. And also, Garfield is sexier. Just sayin'. lol

Look at all those layers. He must be hot. *chortle*

PS - the whole "I can sew my own awesome costume" bugs me every time. lol

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