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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Review Wednesday - Prid

I can't not write about this stuff. I inadvertently found this product while trying to look up ways to get rid of a blind pimple. [A blind pimple is one of those painful, swollen, red pimples that never come to a head. They sit around for weeks and you can't get any relief.] I had one on the bridge of my nose and nothing I had tried would make it go away.

Several solutions included tea tree oil, isopropyl alcohol with a cotton swab, the obvious acne medications, using a hot tea bag or a hot compress... and something called Prid Drawing Salve.

When I first looked this stuff up, I was a little taken aback by it. The company started making this stuff in 1968 and hadn't ever updated their packaging. The word "homeopathic" almost scared me off because I was never really a believer in that kind of medicine (I'd even tried homeopathic hCG once because it was oh-so-much-cheaper, but it didn't work.) Apparently, according to all the reviews I read, this stuff really "draws out" things like pus or infections, and also raises out splinters or thorns. It helps pull out the stuff injected by mosquito (or other bugs) that make you itch, or the poison in a bee sting. It can be used on boils and blisters and other swollen, inflamed places on the skin. It all sounds very "miracle-istic" for a "homeopathic remedy". 

But I'm here to tell you: It works. Now, I can't attest for anything else besides what it does for blind pimples, but if you get those sometimes, it's so worth it. It's not as quick as I had hoped, and I think it works better when not covered by a band-aid, but if nothing else, it gets rid of the pain and reduces some of the swelling. It took an extra 3 days or so to get rid of the one of the bridge of my nose (that I'd already had for 2-3 days) but as I was treating that one, I got another one on my temple. This was my chance to use it from the start - and it worked a lot quicker. Within two days it's nothing but a small, painless bump. I'm not sure what the difference is here but instead of these coming to a head like some people said would happen, they just receded. That makes me happier because I really shouldn't be popping and messing with them (sorry if this is gross) because I still have scars from my teen years.

Fair warning: It smells bad. It's sticky, doesn't wash off very easily, and very medicinal smelling, but I actually don't mind it so much. I can't wait to use it on something else, now. Some people say it helps heal scratches faster, too. I wish I would have discovered this stuff sooner!

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