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Friday, May 22, 2015

Cancer Dinner


It sounds kind of horrible, doesn't it? Like the food I ate had given me cancer. That's not exactly the case; so let me explain.

Here's what happened: our manager comes up to us as a group and says "This never happens, guys. They must really love you."

And all I'm thinking is Did I get a free trip to Hawaii?

Well no, but because Dr. Bidus was a keynote speaker at a cancer charity/auction dinner thing, he and Dr. Saffari bought our office a table that cost $250 a plate. Yes, you heard me, $250 a plate. Nobody in our group had ever eaten anything amounting to that much money, so as you can imagine, we were all pretty excited. It was cocktail attire luckily, because I wasn't about to go ballroom dress shopping for a dress I would never touch again in a million years.

It was me, Mary our manager, Misha, Amanda, Andora, Stephenie, Dora, Pauline our old manager, and Sarah our old supervisor. Stacy couldn't make it, unfortunately. Sarah and I get along really well, so naturally I sat next to her. She was excited that her dress had pockets, and I was envious. 

The place was full of random people that were there to support St. Anthony's cancer infusion services. I knew nobody and nobody knew me, so I was perfectly happy to sit at the table the whole time while others participated in the silent auction. I wasn't about to bid against doctors; I don't make as much in a year as they probably do in a month, so it wasn't really worth the heartache. On the plus side: open bar. An actual open bar. Not one of those fake open bars that look all inviting at an event and you think it's free and then you find out its not. This was the real deal. Except when I ordered a Sex on the Beach she gives me something more like Oral on the Beach because there was no peach schnapps. I apologize if this invoked random thoughts into your head but I didn't name the original drink okay? :P

There was a four course dinner with wine pairings, and unfortunately the food was not as awesome as $250 a plate would suggest. Not that I'm complaining, as that $250 was a charity amount, anyway.

The first course was a bitter salad with not enough dressing.

Frisee & Radicchio salad with manchego cheese, serrano peppers, 
caramelized pineapple, and prickly pear vinaigrette 
Served with: Zuccardi Serie A Torrontes (It's a white wine. It was okay)

The second course was this white fish thing.

Poached red snapper with chimichurri compound butter and 
black beam tomato quinoa
Served with: Zuccardi Vida Organica Sparkling Chardonnay (Too dry. Yuck.)

Please tell me someone didn't pee on my plate.

The third course was an Empanada that I forgot to take a picture of because it wasn't that impressive. It was served with Vina Cobos Felno Malbec which was pretty good.

This was the best course of the night. As you can tell by the fact that I took a bite before I remembered to take the picture. 

Coffee encrusted flat iron steak with cotija cheese, paquillo pepper sauce, poblano polenta, and grilled asparagus

Served with: Alma Negra "M Blend" Bonarda-Malbec (yuck)

Second best course. Ignore my lack of photog skills here with these pictures, I was trying to be quick about it as not to get any stares.

Equator cake with coconut mango mousse, raspberry passion fruit coulis, and coconut dacquoise

Served with: Zuccardi Malamado Malbec Port (not bad)

PS: I still got stares

Also, Chrome is telling me half these words are spelled wrong but I'm taking them straight from the sheet so I know it's lying to me. These are actual words, believe it or not!

Anyway, Dr. Bidus made his speech, which some rude-ass people were talking through so loudly that our table almost got up and told them to shut the f*ck up. They did an actual auction after that, which was kind of cool because I'd never been to one before. Dr. Saffari's wife started bidding on this package for 2 couples at some resort thing, and our whole table cheered when she won. That was pretty much the highlight of our night. That and the free alcohol.

All 'n all it was a good night, and I am very blessed to have such caring and sweet doctors in which to work for!

I will leave you with Andora and a pic of all her accumulated alcohol

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