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Monday, October 28, 2013

How desperate are you to lose weight?

Really think about that answer for a while. How long have you been suffering? Do you have bullies (yes, even adults can have bullies) that constantly berate you about your weight? Have you tried everything? Are you willing to try anything?

Answer these questions for me (especially the ladies):

1.       Are you willing to give up wearing make up?
2.       Are you willing to give up all lotions and moisturizers?
3.       Are you willing to weigh and cook your own food instead of ordering pre-packaged crap from the diet stores?
4.       Are you willing to take something that’s not FDA approved? (I never thought the FDA cared at heart, but I digress.)

      How about doing that for just 26-42 days? Sound better?

I’m talking about hCG. You’ve probably heard it both praised and blasted in recent years. It was even featured on the Dr. Oz show, supposedly. I have a feeling that, just like every other doctor out there, he criticized the diet. And it is quite a diet – a mere 500 calories a day. And all the doctors say “Well of course you would lose weight on only 500 calories a day, but it is unhealthy for your body and even dangerous!”. But what they always too conveniently forget is that you’re not hungry. If you were to do this diet alone without the hormone, you would be starving, wouldn’t you? You would probably cheat like crazy within a day or two. But it’s been scientifically proven that it’s not your stomach that tells you when you’re hungry, but your brain when it craves nutrients. The reason hCG works is because it is breaking down the fat in your body and essentially “eating it”. Unlike if you were to do the diet alone, muscle would be the first casualty before any fat gets eaten, there is proof in hCG with ketone strips. As people that have done the Atkins diet are aware: ketones are released with the destruction of fat cells, and gets passed to your urine, which can then be detected on the strips. 

The next argument they give is “well, it’s all just psychological”. Really? Are you telling me that just by brain power alone, after 42 days of just eating 500 calories a day, I could still climb stairs, walk and talk normally without a fuzzy feeling, feel awake and completely normal? Damn. That’s amazing. Actually, the first week of the first time I tried this diet back in 2009, I was starving. Part of it was psychological in the fact that I was used to eating not just when hungry, but when bored. I would confuse my body’s want of hydration for being hungry, and eat even when I wasn’t. So, when I started this diet, I had to just take it and realize that I couldn’t munch on the couch anymore. It was an extremely hard habit to break. But when that first week was done, I was okay. The hunger pretty much went away. I do still get hungry at times, even now as I’m doing my 8th round (I had a couple of failed attempts; more on that later), but I drink tea and water, and it usually disappears within 10 minutes.

It takes extreme dedication and willpower to go on this diet. All the ads tout that “you can lose 42 pounds in 42 days!” which, by the way, isn’t even true. It’s 32 lbs at most. For women you can lose about .5 lbs a day if you’re lucky. Sometimes men can lose a bit more. But it’s really not “too good to be true” because honestly, this diet sucks. It sucks bad. It is not easy. Putting what you can only eat aside, the simple fact that cheating is all but impossible. If you were to cheat – even just a little bit, by say, having a salted almond (yes, just one almond) or forgetting and using lotion one day, you will see the consequences of your actions the next morning on the scale. Not only will you not have lost any weight, but you might have even gained some. And considering that you’re on a time limit; either 26 or 42 days depending on how much weight you want to lose, every day counts. The diet severely limits what you can eat, and no substitutions are permitted.

But, on the plus side, I have lost over 100 lbs on this diet. You get validation each and every day when you weigh yourself and see the weight slipping off. You’re not hungry, you still feel completely normal, and even better: you’re actually not allowed to exercise. Like, at all. Exercising has always been my downfall. Well, besides my extreme lack of willpower with cupcakes that are in the break room.

This is me in October of 2009,                                       This is me July 2012, 175 lbs
all 290 lbs of me.

But, back to the bad news. As I stated before, the FDA has not approved hCG for weight loss in this country. In fact, they even out right banned the sale of homeopathic hCG in the stores. But that’s okay with me – one of my failed rounds of this diet was with the homeopathic version. I’ve read how people praise it and how it works for them, but it didn’t work for me. I was hungry and I cheated. I didn’t last very long taking the drops. Besides, I’ve read that you will not see ketones in your urine when on it, like with the real stuff. So tell me again how or why it works? 

Anyway, so after I decided to try this diet the first time, I looked up a lady on youtube named Mamaclok. She was my savior. She told me how to order and mix my real hCG so that I could take it sublingually – or under the tongue in other words. (That’s right, no shots!)

If you’re still interested, please watch her videos. She will even show you how much weight she’s lost. But they are kind of old, and where to order it is out of date. The place I have always ordered from is, but they have become referral based for some reason. However, if you’d like to order, I have an invitation code and I can post it in the comments; just let me know. It’s not that cheap, and I repeat: it’s not easy. Please read Dr. Simeons .pdf “Pounds and Inches”. He was the original creator of the diet back in the 1950’s and it’s written as a clinical trial so there’s a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but it includes how the diet works, why cheating is bad, and what exactly the diet is.

So I ask again: How desperate are you?

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